Domain Name or Baby Name: What Comes First?

Domain Name or Baby Name: What Comes First?

We at Domain .Me love kids and writing about them! Recently we had a very interesting discussion and decided to explore more about baby domains/websites and see what people think about it. Choosing a baby ‘s name became like an adventure today. It seems everyone is trying to give a more unique, special and different name to their child.

So, we asked ourselves, how far are people willing to go when it comes to baby  name domains? What do they think about making a baby website for their child? Would they change their minds and go for another option in choosing baby’s name for the sake of domain? We asked several people to answer these questions and see what they think. Check their answers, maybe it will make you think what would you do in this kind of situation!

Creating A Baby Website: Yay or Nay?

Hrvoje, Croatia:

” I don’t think so. Firstly, Why I would do that? Even I don’t have my own domain and I just started to think about creating my one for business. If I wanted to share all the joy and pictures and events about the baby over the Internet, there are bunch  of social networks. Second, who tells me that one day that baby would want that domain? Maybe she or he will choose totally different name for the domain.

There are a lot of creative ways to express yourself over the Internet and domain name is one of them. I think that you should try to adapt your baby to the surroundings, but domain name is not one of them, especially for changing the baby’s name. If I would make a domain for a baby, first I would choose baby’s name and then see if there is available domain with that name. Other way around? Definitely not. “

Iva, Croatia:

” I don’t think I would ever create a domain for my child. Regardless whether or not my child shared its name with a domain, it would not affect my decision about naming my child. Therefore, I definitely would not consider choosing a different name or rather choosing one that is available. “

Hakan, Turkey:

” Yes, I would like to create a domain for my baby and put photos there for as long as I can. If I wanted to show someone those photos, I could reach them wherever I am. I don’t have to worry if photos will maybe get lost. And one day when the baby gets older, she or he can look at the photos and see details about their life.

I don’t think I would agree to change the name just because the one I choose is already taken. Already I would think a lot about the name, and check every possible thing about registering a domain name for a future website. It is more likely that if the chosen domain name is already used before I settle on the baby name, I could rethink it and work it into my decision making process. “

It’s Parents Free Choice, Don’t Judge Them!

Name is one of the most important parts of our identity and it is perfectly normal that parents want something special for their children. No matter when it comes to domain, baby name, or both. If you remember, last year Beyonce and Jay Z welcomed their baby girl on the world with a pretty unusual name Blue Ivy. They decided to patent and protect her name, so no one else could use it. They failed. We doubt any of us would go that far, but when it comes to baby domains, maybe we could think of giving our children part of the virtual world, created just for them.

But what comes first? Domain name or baby name? We have a diversity of answers, that still leaves this question open for discussion. Changing your mind about the name in sake of creating the domain is a free and personal choice of every parent. But, if you ever planned of giving your baby name North West, apparently, it is already taken. 😉

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