How People are Using .ME to Become Thought Leaders with Personal Blogs

How People are Using .ME to Become Thought Leaders with Personal Blogs

Part of being competitive in today’s workforce is having an online presence to share with potential employers – or ideally, to let potential employers find you before you even start drafting your application to them.

Having a website associated with your name is a great way to share everything important about you and a personal domain name complements that strategy well. The .ME domain name is used by individuals across different industries as a way to show their personality, resume, interests, and portfolios. Further, these .ME holders are hosting personal blogs that provide thoughts and insights on their respective industries. This allows the blogger to show more of their personality and talent.

Get some inspiration from .ME community members below on how you can turn your experience and talent into an engaging blog!

How does your Personal Website Benefit from a Blog?

The blog helps you build content around your personal brand

There are countless benefits to having a personal blog as part of your overall website strategy, but the main thing is: it builds content around your brand. Content is key for SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization, or your ability to rank in search results.

Having a website associated with your name is a great way to share everything important about you and a personal domain name complements that strategy well.

Content will also provide an additional way for people to connect with you. Not everyone who stumbles across your website may be looking to hire you, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in learning more. Writing a blog helps you build an audience while also showing that you really understand the topics you are interested in.

  • Having a blog increases your ability to rank in search through implementing proper SEO techniques to your content
  • Having a blog builds interest around your brand
  • Having a blog allows you to go in-depth with interests and expertise
  • Having a blog builds an audience around your brand

Designers: Keep Your Portfolio up to Date

Being in design – whether web, graphic, photography, or art – means keeping up with the latest trends. These trends change often, so keeping an up-to-date portfolio can be difficult. Not every company you work for as a designer will want the latest in design trends applied to their content. With this in how can you show that you are aware of the trends and how to apply them?

Your blog can help you keep your portfolio up to date

A blog is a great way to dive deep into your favorite trends and ideas. Faze Qutub uses his blog section to share designs he finds inspiring across different streams of design.

Software Developers: Share Your Experiences and Acquire a New Skill

A lot of developers often believe that while they can write code like nobody’s business, they can’t write a proper piece of content. Much like coding, writing is practice – it’s a skill that can be learned (though, I can admit, not everyone will enjoy it)!

Write about what you know and the words will flow much easier. Write about your recent experiences with a piece of software, or a bug you had to resolve, or something you recently created. Leonid Shevtsov, a software developer, uses his blog to share his experience with different platforms and coding languages, as well as offers a lot of how-tos that can benefit the developer community.

Your blog can help you showcase your skills

Digital Marketers: Feature Your Skills

When you’re a digital marketer, your success in search engines can often be the determining factor on whether or not potential employers or customers trust your capabilities. A blog is a no-brainer for any digital marketer – especially one looking to provide their ability in content and SEO.

Further, a blog provides you the opportunity to teach others the techniques required and also show the success of your digital marketing strategies. Or, like Christine Meyer, use your blog to focus on an exciting and keyword-hitting topic (like travel!) to display another side of your personality and attract a different type of audience to your work.

Reviewers and Critics: One Home for All Your Interests

You’ve got a lot of interests – you’re an interesting person, after all! A great way to share what you love and why you love it is on a blog that reviews everything and anything that matters to you. Ever feel like you have far too many bookmarks of websites you can’t live without? Patrick Burke uses his blog to catalogue and review all the things he loves. This helps you connect with a broad audience and form discussions around topics that interest you.

All of the websites vary greatly in their target audience, their purpose, and their goals. Having a personal website is a logical step to build your brand and help you connect with potential employers, while attracting a wider audience. You have a lot to talk about – you have expertise in your field, interests as vast as the Internet itself, and experience across many topics. It’s time to make all that knowledge work for you and build your brand on a .ME domain!


Samantha Lloyd

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