Dropitto.Me Lets You Share Files Regardless Of Cloud Service

Dropitto.Me Lets You Share Files Regardless Of Cloud Service

Cloud storage. Oh yes, the miraculous tech that makes everything from our music, photographs, and other files simply exist somewhere where we can reach them easily, requiring only access to the internet and some free time. The cloud is surely impressive and taken for granted, but there are so many cloud-based apps these days it’s easy to get carried away.

Tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive serve millions, but the process of making accounts on those apps is often a chore for a lot of people. Luckily, a service called dropitto.Me will help you seamlessly receive files from anyone straight into the cloud software that you use, so you don’t need to make a Dropbox account just to receive a file from a co-worker.

Did you know that there’s more to the cloud than Google’s Drive or Dropbox? Really, chances are that you’re using some form of cloud computing right now as you’re reading this article. Everything from servers to multiplayer gaming and streaming services like Spotify and Netflix, is connected to some form of cloud service. It’s the next era in computing, and the apps we, the end users, use are actually only the tip of the iceberg.

There’s More To The Cloud Than Just Sharing Files

The cloud is, of course, a metaphor for simply sharing resources, software, and information over a network, in this case, the Internet. The information is stored on real, physical servers owned by the cloud provider (Google or Dropbox for example) and you access it remotely and securely via your personalized account.

This way you don’t really need to keep all those photos in your phone memory, but can rather access them through the wonders of the broadband internet. Thanks, technology! Think of the cloud service as “renting” out a portion of a server for your own personal storage, as that’s pretty much what it is.

The advantages of cloud computing are of course numerous and the sheer popularity of these services will make you think twice before saving a lot of stuff on physical media (although we still encourage it when it comes to something you need often).

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Don’t Buy Servers – Use The Cloud

Microsoft, the developer of OneDrive, notes 6 main reasons why you should think about using cloud computing for your next business project. Of course, the act of buying servers is frowned upon by the community, but if you’re still having second thoughts, here’s some food for thought:

  • Cost – The costs of actually having a server farm for your company are huge, and if you know that a high-end server today costs around $2000 USD, you’re in for quite a treat if you want to buy your own servers. Not to mention the maintenance and electricity.
  • Speed – Because cloud services are on-demand, you can get a lot of firepower in a few clicks.
  • Scale – Give any kind of bandwidth anywhere in the world.
  • Productivity – Your company’s IT team doesn’t have to worry about patching cloud servers, so they can focus on more important things.
  • Performance – To put it bluntly: less lag, more performance at any scale.
  • Reliability – Your data will be safer and less prone to crashing, and disaster recovery is easier and less expensive.

You see, there’s a lot of reasons why you should use cloud servers instead of “real” ones for your business, but the chances are that you’re already doing that. Cloud services are more a rule than a curiosity today, and sending large files over some sort of cloud-based service is really something you’re doing in any kind of IT-related company anyway.

Sending Large Files Is Where The Magic Happens

One of the best uses for cloud computing, aside from storing all your photos in a secure environment for me is the ability to send insanely large files, that are more often than not a few gigabytes in size. It’s almost impossible to send these by mail so cloud really helps. Of course, you really need a good internet connection for that.

When it comes to sending files, the main problem is the difference in cloud storage preferences. I, for one, am using Google Drive every day, and a lot of the people I work with do the same. But the problem arises when someone uses something else, like OneDrive or Dropbox.

It’s hard for me to send them files, and to receive files from them because I don’t use the service they do. That’s why dropitto.Me is a pretty smart thing to use, both for business and personal sending of files. It’s a way to receive files straight to your desired storage of choice, so you don’t need to worry about what your business partners and colleagues are using.

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A Gift For Freelancers Everywhere

This is extremely helpful primarily for freelancers, because of the sheer nature of their work. When you work with a lot of different people, the chances are that it’s not going to go smooth all of the time. This way, you can send big projects to any cloud storage, and your clients will always receive what they need, without the hassle of different Skype calls to agree on a service that pleases both sides.

The way this works is simple:

  1.    You create an account and create your upload page that you connect with a cloud storage.
  2.    You share your page to people you need files from.
  3.    The files will be received by your cloud service and you can do with them what you please.

This really makes the process a lot simpler, right? So next time you’re asking your clients what cloud service they’re using, simply remember dropitto.Me and make your life a tad easier. Cheers! 


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