Dwight Johnson: Unraveling Dreams And Overcoming Doubts

Dwight Johnson: Unraveling Dreams And Overcoming Doubts

Humanity has struggled with insecurities and hesitation since time immemorial. Even people who we admire tend not to be immune to them. But, there is a positive side to this. These are the people that can teach us the most valuable lessons on overcoming doubts. 

So let us introduce you to yet another .MEr today.

Dwight Johnson is a writer, musician, public speaker, and youth worker. For the last decade, Dwight dedicated his life to youth, directing youth programs with the mission to help youth and children. He’s also written a poetry book to inspire kids, and used his creativity to publish his own single. 

His story speaks to overcoming doubts and selflessly inspiring others along the way.

Now let’s see what Dwight is all about.

Producing music

About Dwight Johnson

Writer. Speaker. Musician. Educator. Wordsmith. Dreamer. These are just some of the words this .MEr uses to describe himself.

He enjoys the rush and sets his creative side free through: singing, playing piano, writing, etc. Dwight talks about things that have affected him and he does it in a way that people understand and relate to. Words have become a place of comfort for him.

As a creative, he’s always found joy in the expressive art form of music. In other words, Dwight enjoys writing as well as singing songs and recording them. He’s been singing since he was 4, playing piano since he was 12, and then attended college to study – yes, you’ve guessed it! Music.

For Dwight, notes and chords meant a special place to explore life and draw closer to people that matter the most to us. And there’s more. He’s also passionate about creating music that inspires people to go for the impossible and dream of the intangible.

Dwight's Website

He went into school thinking he was going to be a full-time musician. Early on in working with his community, Dwight had the opportunity to witness recording first-hand.

He experienced the creative process behind producing songs, and a song going from scratch all the way to its fruition. Dwight watched professionals add all the elements that go into creating a song and distributing them to the public.

Now, let’s look at how Dwight used his creative talent to inspire youth and children.

Inspiring Youth With Compassion And Poetry

For the last 10 years, Dwight has selflessly dedicated his life to helping youth and their families.

He’s directed youth programs both in Mississippi (where he’s from) and now in Nashville, Tennessee. His mission is to help youth and children discover joy-filled friendships, develop a love for learning, and live out their dreams.

Having worked in many organizations, Dwight loves working with kids and teenagers, especially middle-schoolers. Through formal and informal education alike, Dwight has journeyed alongside both youngsters and youth workers. He likes to witness youth seeing their potential and reaching their dreams.

Black Boy Soar encourages readers to believe that they can achieve anything and grow up to become anything they desire.

This passion for helping youngsters led to Dwight’s inaugural release of Black Boy Soar, an illustrated book written in rhyme. With this book, Dwight wanted to inspire kids to dream and live the desires of their future in the present. It’s a simple read, with illustrations that clearly reflect the message of the story.

Dwight considers himself a wordsmith, and we can’t blame him for that. In his book, you will read verses such as:

“Whether you run, skip, hop, or jump in play
Your joy is evident, for all it should be displayed.”

Yet, struggles conceal themselves behind every creative achievement. And likewise with Black Boy Soar. Dwight sat on the book for a whole year after writing it in the fall of 2018. “I didn’t really know what to do with it”, he says.

“How can I have a dream and immediately think: someone else can do it, someone else is better equipped?”

He knew that the book had to go somewhere, but didn’t think that he knew how and where to take it. Dwight says he was literally losing sleep over it. That’s when he decided he needed to step out of his comfort zone and finally publish the book.

Overcoming Doubts, Unraveling His Dreams

Now let’s see what Dwight has to say on overcoming doubts.

Dwight had many ideas he was passionate about. But, for some reason, he didn’t feel adequate enough to go for it. He felt like there was somebody else who’s better suited and better equipped to achieve his dreams. But then he decided to get in control of those emotions.

Those feelings are selfish, he realized. They were an excuse not to do what he needed to do! “How can I have a dream and immediately think: someone else can do it, someone else is better equipped?” 

With COVID-19, another realization hit him – time is so short. Tomorrow is literally not promised. “I want to make as much as possible with what I have in front of me”, he says. So he did. And he went on to achieve all the great things we mentioned here.

Dwight's Personal Website - Overcoming doubts

Now here’s another tip – do not wait for the perfect time. At least that’s what Dwight learned during the pandemic. Just when you think you have it all figured out, one thing changes and everything falls apart. If we wait for the perfect time, we will never start. We must act now.

So Dwight suggests you shouldn’t dawdle by searching out resources before you even start. He gives these words of encouragement:

“You’re enough; make the leap and you won’t have to search out the resources because they will find you.”

And what if everything doesn’t turn out the way we planned? That’s alright too. No reason to be discouraged! Every mishap is one more opportunity to learn and become better. In Dwight’s words: “You’re not failing. You’re growing.”

Doubts, insecurities and fears will always be there. But that don’t have to cripple us. We can thrive despite our fears, just like Dwight did.

About Dwight’s Digital Presence

Dwight doesn’t shy away from being personal in everything he does. Whether it’s poetry, music, or his digital presence, he wants his work to show who he is.

Dwight isn’t reluctant to show the love he has for his parents, friends and neighbors, and to encourage others.

Just look at his Instagram or Facebook. Dwight even gets vulnerable oftentimes. He’s not reluctant to show the love he has for his parents, friends and neighbors, and to encourage others. All over his social web, you’ll find words of encouragement for his followers. One example is:

“Don’t allow life’s woes to stagnate you. Instead rise above the adversity, and soar in the skies of opportunity.”

Most of all, he wants to inspire people. That is why his personal website is called – djinspires.me (stands for Dwight Johnson Inspires Me). 

His website is excellently put together. It’s easy to navigate, simple, and yet tells you all that you need to know about him. Finally, the .ME domain gives his website a personal touch it obviously needs.

Wrapping up

Wrapping Up

Like many of us, Dwight too had doubts and fears. Yet he made it. His example bears potential lessons on overcoming doubts for the rest of us.

We applaud Dwight for his achievements and effort and look forward to seeing him succeed even further.

Dwight – we’re happy to have you in our .MEr family!


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