Earwear.me Designs Personalized Ear Plugs

Earwear.me Designs Personalized Ear Plugs

Don’t you just hate the feeling of soreness inside your ear that occurs when you wear earphones for too long?

Whether you’re a music lover, a regular gym goer that likes to exercise to great beats, or someone who loves to fall asleep while listening to audiobooks – you’re certainly familiar with the bugging issue of uncomfortable earbuds.

This is because manufacturers design earphones following the one-size-fits-all principle, even though each person has a uniquely sized and shaped ear canal. A lot of people have to actually force the earbuds to fit, hoping they will get used to it with time. But alas, they continue to experience pain and discomfort.

The problem is even more obvious (and more dangerous) in case of ear plugs, which are used for sound isolation.

Ear plugs are usually made of foam or silicone. Foam plugs are compressed into the ear canal, and silicone ones are rolled into a ball and then molded so that they fit the external part of the canal.

Recognizing the necessity of custom-made ear plugs for various specific activities and needs, family-owned company Neuroth launched the brand Earwear (earwear.me).

But, if the ear plug doesn’t fit properly – not only will it irritate the wearer, but it might also fail to provide the needed noise protection.

Recognizing the necessity of custom-made ear plugs for various specific activities and needs, family-owned company Neuroth launched the brand Earwear (earwear.me). These products are made with supreme technology and personalized for each individual customer.

Importance of Hearing Protection

According to the non-profit Hearing Health Foundation, around 48 million Americans have problems hearing and around 20% of children have lost their hearing due to being exposed to loud noise.

Truth is, we do take our hearing health for granted.

Earbuds are not unsafe, but if you happen to turn up the volume beyond the safe limit – you may suffer through hearing damage. What’s worse, you might not know it right away. Scientists have defined a phenomenon of hidden hearing loss, which is called that way because it is impossible to detect it with traditional methods.

Continuous exposure to 85 dB level of noise (or above) is believed to cause lasting hearing damage.

The usual hearing test implies wearing a set of headphones and paying attention in order to detect high pitch tones and other sounds. The problem is, this test does not easily reveal hearing issues that become obvious when a person cannot hear someone in a restaurant that’s mildly noisy. These sound distractions are not that loud and distracting for a person with healthy hearing.

After being exposed to a high level of noise, a person might experience something like a buzzing sensation in the head, when they move away into an area that’s silent or much less noisy. This ringing sound usually wears off after a while, but it might leave serious consequences, without the person even knowing it. Continuous exposure to 85 dB level of noise (or above) is believed to cause lasting hearing damage.

Professionals that work in loud environments (such as musicians) need proper hearing protection, but so do average Joes who are exposed to dangerous noise levels occasionally.

Earwear: Unique Technology Developed in Partnership with Dynamic Ear Company

Earwear products are the result of special membrane technology that guarantees optimal comfort, without causing a sense of occlusion. High-tech 3D printers are used in production, but the whole team participates in fine-tuning each device, in accordance to the end user.

The company fully acknowledges the uniqueness of each ear, which is why Earwear products come in many different colors and materials. You can decide whether silicone, titanium, or acrylate work the best for your ear.

What sets Earwear apart from other brands that focus on developing earplugs, is the absolute dedication towards each and every customer, as well as the fact this device doesn’t create a feeling of blocked ear canal.

The technology relies on the electronic filter, which ensures the auditory canal closes within milliseconds if the person gets exposed to a sudden high level of noise. The person doesn’t get cut off from the room she is in, but the protection is provided rapidly fast when needed.

Other models are designed without this filter, as they serve a different purpose (e.g. complete sound isolation for a peaceful night when your partner is snoring), which is why Earwear comes in different lines.

Different Lines Tailored to Specific Needs

Earwear is custom-made and depending on what you need the hearing protection for – you can choose between four lines:

  • Music
  • Sports
  • Work
  • Relax

Music line is designed with both musicians and music fans in mind. These earplugs do not block the sound. Instead, they help you hear the right sounds at the right time while protecting your hearing health. Whether you’re into rock and roll or techno, Earwear will keep you safe. You can enjoy your favorite type of music and experience the event to the max, while not having to worry about the risk of hearing damage.

Night turns to day with EARWEAR. Whether you’re a music professional, a weekend drummer or a party animal. - team from Neuroth

Sports line is tailored for swimmers and other sports people training in water, as well as for racers, and hunters or outdoor athletes. Swimmers, surfers, and water lovers are well aware of the importance of keeping the ear canal safely protected from bacteria and salt water. Without adequate protection, health complications such as ear inflammation are bound to happen. Racers, on the other hand, need hearing protection that keeps the level of sounds within the safe limits, without totally blocking them. This way, there is no need to take the earplugs out during racing breaks: motorcyclists can also hear the voice of the people that are standing close to them. Hunters also need this type of ear protection and Earwear’s got their back, too.

Work line is perfect for employees who share their offices with their colleagues, but could use some peace and quiet. Independent freelancers can also benefit from it, given the fact there are too many distractions within coworking spaces; Earwear is your ally here and it helps you get things done.

Relax line is intended for those who crave silence and simply want to enjoy some quiet time. It’s perfect for people who share their bed with someone who snores or those who want to disconnect for a bit and maybe meditate.  

Personalized Earwear Products Keep You Safe And Sound

Earwear products are handmade in Schwarzautal, a small market town in Austria that happens to be the home to some of the best ear protection technicians in the world.

When it comes to manufacturing of hearing protection devices, family business Neuroth has a rich collective experience and a praiseworthy tradition of over 105 years.

Given the fact each device gets customized to customer’s auditory canal, these products cannot be ordered online. Currently, they are available in stores in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia. You can arrange an appointment online and visit the nearest Neuroth’s store to get your ear canal measured. With the support of 3D printing technology, your custom-made earplugs get printed. After some finishing touches, the device is ready to get shipped or picked up personally by you.

If you happen to find yourself in Schwarzautal, you can even register for a special tour around the workshop in order to explore behind the scenes of this family business.

We at Domain.me are particularly proud to serve as an online home for Earwear. We believe their use of .ME is a great example of making business personal, with a lovely dose of warmth, which aligns perfectly with what their product is about.

Their commitment towards incorporating the element of personalization is stunning, and so is their website. It’s clear they have thought through what their target audience needs and we must say – they have done a wonderful job by explaining the benefits of using earplugs in different scenarios.

Do you have an idea for your own business that recognizes the importance of making things personal in today’s era? Follow the example of thousands of successful entrepreneurs and freelancers and begin the first page of your journey by publishing a website. Check if your .ME domain name is available and plunge into the unknown!


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