[eBook] The Secrets of Better Rankings: SEO and Domains

[eBook] The Secrets of Better Rankings: SEO and Domains

Forget encyclopedias and the old-school way of finding a piece of information you need: Google has become an amazing window to the world of knowledge and an exciting discovery tool of the 21st century.

Yes, we live in the age of fast information where we got used to quick answers and instant gratification. Whether you’re looking for a certain service, product, or you’re in need of some uplifting content – it’s likely you’re going to start your quest for answers by typing a few words in the Google search box. Statistics show 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine query of some kind.

Now, that’s a lot.

Every website owner should be smart enough to invest in SEO because – what’s the one thing that’s worse than content of poor value? Amazing, high-quality content that’s left undiscovered or awesome businesses and personalities nobody knows about.

While you’re probably implementing the usual SEO techniques (e.g. usage of relevant keywords, smart link building, providing indexable content), have you ever thought about how does the choice of your domain affect rankings?

Domain.me has prepared a free eBook for you to download that covers the topic from A to Z!

By downloading and reading through The Secrets of Better Rankings: SEO and Domains, you will learn more about the following:

  • How to choose the perfect SEO-friendly domain name and use it as a branding tool
  • What is domain age and how does it affect Google ranking
  • What is domain authority and can it be influenced
  • What is the “domain bias” phenomenon and can you take advantage of it
  • What are private WHOIS and can they damage your SEO
  • What counts as a “safe” IP neighborhood for your domain
  • What is domain history and does Google care about it
  • How to prevent false penalization by Google
  • How to ensure the safety of your domain and avoid domain hijacking and cybersquatting

… and much more! Our goal was to create an unique, comprehensive guide for webmasters and those who are just starting to build their personal or business online identities.

This eBook explains the connection between ranking factors and one’s choice of domain while helping you map out the potential setbacks of your SEO strategy. To ensure we’re all on the same page, it contains a glossary of relevant terms at the very beginning in order to help you navigate through the book easier.

Along with practical advice and illustrative examples, The Secrets of Better Rankings: SEO and Domains also includes exclusive insider tips by some of the leading experts from the SEO industry who were kind enough to share their thoughts on the topic: Neil Patel, Dan Shure, Radomir Basta, and Sean Si.

Download the eBook now and broaden your knowledge of domain ranking factors and online safety!

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