edrone – Marketing Automation For Your eCommerce

edrone – Marketing Automation For Your eCommerce

Since the beginning of the COVID-19, global eCommerce has jumped to $26.7 trillion. A figure we can’t sneeze at! eCommerce is flourishing from Asia to Europe. Buyers of all ages embrace their new digital shopping habits. 

So, countless buyers with all kinds of interests have become customers for eCommerce. Serving so many people is really a challenge in and of itself. Imagine how amazing it would be if we could automate that!  

Thankfully, we’re not stranded here either. A .ME startup is up to the task. Come in edrone. An AI-powered platform that automates customer relations management (CRM) for eCommerce stores.

Marketing Automation For eCommerce

Marketing Automation For eCommerce

edrone provides simple-to-install (Plug’n’Play) robust marketing automation solutions based on their algorithms. In the last six years, their goal was to establish a one-stop-shop for all types of eCommerce. This includes products that fall into the following categories: 

  • CRM
  • On-Site marketing
  • Google Ads / Facebook Ads connections 
  • Marketing Dashboards 
  • BI Tools.

edrone is an AI-powered eCommerce CRM platform. In their words, it transforms your online store into a “sales machine.” 

edrone is an AI-powered eCommerce CRM platform that can automate your online store.

edrone’s all-in-one eCommerce Marketing Cloud gives Instant ROI. And how do they do that? Through superb features like: 

  • Comprehensive Customer Intelligence. Data is the driving force behind edrone, after all.
  • Marketing Automation. This allows you focus on the metrics that matter to you. 
  • Targeted product suggestions. “Viewed products”, “customers also bought…”, “you might be interested in…”. All of these reminders (and others) are managed by edrone, presenting your customers with the products they are most likely to buy.

The Pioneers Of eCRM And Marketing Automation

Making its first steps a year before, edrone has been dubbed the first eCRM for eCommerce in 2016. 

For those of you not familiar with it? eCRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) is a 4.0 technology adaptation of CRM. It helps companies engage and build customer relationships through online channels. 

edrone engages your customers based on the behavior data it collects.

edrone has an all-in-one eCommerce marketing cloud. With it, edrone collects and processes customer data to understand customers’ behavior (Customer Intelligence). Then, it engages them (Marketing Automation). This allows businesses and startups to automate marketing activities and engage store visitors! Thus, we increase sales.

The edrone team explains:

“The system consists of two sections: Learn & Engage. Learn: advanced stats, RFM segmentation and detailed view per client (even with the social media stats). Engage: 20 ready-to-send scenarios, including recover abandoned cards, send recommendations and increase the revenue with cross selling based on our Customer Intelligence algorithms. The Marketing Machine is something more than a simple recommendation frame: it makes the idea of Segment-of-One easy to implement in every e-Commerce.”

edrone’s Energetic Expansion

Michał Blak, an entrepreneur with several companies in eCommerce to his credit, founded edrone in 2016. 

edrone is based in Krakow, Poland, with offices in Sao Paulo, Barcelona, and other places. They’ve bootstrapped their way to over 1000 consumers, mainly from Europe and Latin America.

edrone currently employs more than 150 individuals, serving clients all around the world. Major European online businesses, and growing eStores and startups, are among edrone’s customers. X-Kom, Eastend, Agent Provocateur, CitySport, Wojas, Tous, Muve, and over 500 more stores are among their clientele. In total, edrone processes over 3 billion euros in online transactions each year.

In their latest funding round, they raised $5 million to develop their products.

As Maciej Serafin, edrone’s CMO & CSO, claims:

“The investment will be allocated into two strategic areas. Series Pre-A — coming from PortfoLion — is going to be used to fuel further development in the EU and LATAM regions. In Europe, they plan to open new markets in the CEE region. For South America, the plan is to develop strategic partnerships, since the region has been a place where they have successfully launched operations in the last three years, with over 100 customers on-board in Brazil as of today.” 

According to the “CIO 100” list of IT managers, edrone is the finest CRM for eCommerce. Also, edrone won the “Best in Cloud” yearly contest hosted by Computerworld Magazine.

AVA – Autonomous, Virtual Assistants For eCommerce 

On top of that, the edrone team has been working hard on their new tool member AVA (Autonomous Voice Assistant). AVA is an intelligent shopping assistant for eCommerce. These assistants will be conversational and virtual, capable of spoken communication with the use of natural language.

And there won’t be just one assistant, either! There will be many unique assistants. Each store will be able to have its own personalized and dedicated assistant, capable of navigating its specific environment within the given store. 

edrone is planning to finish this research and development project in 2023.

Closing Thoughts

Small businesses and startups with eStores face one problem. With so many potential customers to serve and target, who will do all the legwork?  

That’s the problem edrone wanted to solve. With its AI-powered eCRM and marketing automation, we can just focus on the things that matter, and thus grow our eCommerce store.

Now, we look forward to two things. One, for edrone to develop their autonomous virtual assistant. And two, for edrone to keep expanding even further. We wish them all the luck in their journey!


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