The Art Of Scrapbooking Your Digital Memories

The Art Of Scrapbooking Your Digital Memories

I love the idea of keeping a journal: Penning down the big things going on in your life, breaking them down and gaining a new perspective. Noting the little things, so they don’t slip your mind. Doodling hearts and rainbows on the margins, because you’ve just had that kind of day that makes you draw hearts and rainbows.

Too bad I never kept up keeping a diary. To be quite honest, after years of tyoing away, I’m not even sure I know how pen and paper work. I have tons of unfinished scrapbooks lying around, because at some point my photos all turned digital, and so did many of the things that I would otherwise keep in a memory box. I mean, my movie tickets are just receipts on my phone now – and you can’t actually go “Awwww, I remember when we went to see this movie together” over a QR code.

When everything has turned to ones and zeros, and your penmanship is all but gone, can you even keep track of your life and memories? (And no, I don’t mean updating your iCal).

Keep Track Of Your Every Day

Noodle Labs thinks you can, and I just might agree with them. This startup, a Y Combinator alumni,  developed an iPhone, iPad and web app called – an “Evernote for your life”, as its creators call it. is basically your digital notebook, allowing you to record your life and see it displayed in a Facebook timeline manner. You can connect it with your social networks – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and just draw your updates from there, organizing them in a Twitter-like manner via hashtags.

You can also upload pictures directly from your phone camera, add bits and pieces when you’re offline via the app or even email your newest entry by sending it to, making your digital diary not only multimedia, but also really easy to update – any time, any place.

Everyday.Me is your digital scrapbook.

There is also a Quarterly Report, which is basically like your your year in review – well, more like your last three months in review – and also in print. So you get your last few months of timeline, completed with handy graphics, and for your daily fix of nostalgia, there is a “Blast From The Past” feature, which sends you a social media update from your past.

It’s a pretty cool, not to mention handy, way of combining the advantages of digital, social, multimedia-rich era with the somewhat sentimental notion of keeping a journal.

How do you store your digital memories?


Tena Šojer

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