Eyedrop.ME: Note-Taking App for Colours on Your iOS Device

Many web designers use other websites for inspiration, be it the general look of the website, a specific element or the colour scheme. If you wanna pick the colour scheme (or a specific color) of an existing website, you can use many great tools on your computer. However, if you wanna play with colours and mix and match hues on your phone, you will have a problem finding a mobile app. Well, not anymore. 😉

On-the-go colour picker

The app automatically offers two ways of obtaining colours

Eyedrop.ME is a beautiful iPhone application designed for choosing, editing and matching colour swatches. It can pull all the colours from your favourite website, of course. But, the cool part is, it can pull colours from pictures! Any picture you already have in your gallery or a new image of something that inspired you right now can become your new colour palette.

Once you choose how you want to get colours, Eyedrop.ME will present you with every possible colour from the website/photo you used. You can drag and save your favourites and access them easily later. You can edit RGB values and save your new creations, either as a new colour, or overwrite the existing one.

You can view and share your favourites

Once you create a collection of swatches, you can easily send it to yourself with Photoshop with one click. If you prefer emailing them to yourself (or your team), the app gives you the option of emailing them as HTML or as ASE. The app will keep a history of the websites you used previously, so you can always go back and add to your collection.

Eyedrop.ME was designed by Kerem Suer and Nicholas Eby. The app uses Colorifyit APIs and has performed everything I tried out beautifully. The design of the application is just stunning – it is simple, but very elegant and detailed. If you are interested in the design process of the app, you can check it out on Suer’s Dribble page.

This app is free on App Store, which means you should download it and give it a try. If you end up loving it like I did, consider telling the designer and the developer just how deep your love is.


Ivana (Ivy) Gutierrez

Our Executive Editor Ivy is a graduate student at University of Zagreb where she is studying Communicology and Journalism. She is interested in PR and all things digital. More information is available on her website <a href="http://www.anavie.net">Ivy's ink drops</a>.

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