Following .Me Like a Boss

Following .Me Like a Boss

The title, of course, doesn’t mean that you should be following me, at least not physically. That can be ground for some restraining orders and it can be very creepy. Ask any celebrity. Instead, I’ll be telling you more how to follow your favourite domain name .Me on the internet.

Firstly, let’s go with the biggest social network of today: Facebook. Like one of my friends said to another friend of mine: ”You’re not on the Facebook? Honey, you virtually don’t exist.”; and what kind of domain would .Me be if it didn’t have it’s own Facebook page? Virtually nonexistent, to be exact. With more than 13 thousand likes at this date, it is one of the main sources to stay informed and to find out what are the latest news pertained to the .Me domain.

More Business


However, let’s say that there is a moment when you need less social, and more business aspect of social networking. Then I will refer you to our LinkedIn page. Professional networking at it’s best, this page will provide you with all information that you need to do business with us, or use connections to your advantage.

Less Business

But, you don’t need business and Facebook became too crowded for you, or you’re just taking a break from it? Quite frankly, you became too tired from reading but you still want to see what is new and/or relevant with .Me. That is where Twitter jumps in. Short and concise, 140 characters long tweets give you an option to explore more information if you want, just a link click away. If you’re lucky and our community manager is online, you can even chat a bit.


On the other hand you are a person that values visual aspect of the information and you consider yourself an aesthete. Don’t worry, there is networking for that too. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing new social networks, and domain .Me has jumped on that train a while ago.

And there you have it. Our social networks where you can follow domain. Me. Feel free to chat us up or contact us, we don’t bite.


Hrvoje Hrsto

Hrvoje is BA audio engineer graduate from SAE Institute in Ljubljana, currently freelancing and writing. His interests are music, television and all things geeky.

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