Simplynote.Me Wants to Be the Biggest Collection of Quotes in Croatia: iOS App Announced!

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Quotes can be a great way to start or finish a presentation, they look great on a birthday or a wedding card and they are interesting to read when you’re bored. If you remember a cool quote and whip it out in the right moment, you’ll see it can work wonders for you!

There are many websites online where you can find quotes in English, but when you want a quote in … a more local language, like Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin or Bosnian, your options are very limited. Have you seen Simplynote.ME? Their goal is to create the biggest collection of quotes translated into Croatian language in one place and it is worth checking out.

The Story of Simplynote.ME

Simplynote.ME was created by Tomislav Čukelj, a law student from Croatia earlier this year. Apparently programming is a great way of getting some rest from studying. 😉 He has help from several other students all over Croatia and they are currently working on iOS app for Simplynote.ME.

Here is what he had to say about the redesign:

We have created a website optimized for computers, tablets and cell phones. We have added a sorting by topics possibility, as well as the possibility of “smart searching”. On top of that, we have also improved the script, the core of our website, because it enables us to automatically publish new quotes every x hours and share those quotes on social networks. That is a great advantage for our readers because posting new quotes no longer depends on us being at our computers. 

The Family of Simply

When law students make websites, there is no joking around. Simplynote.ME is not the only project under Tomislav’s belt: there are also Simplyread.ME and Simplywrite.ME. You can surely guess what Simplywrite.ME is for from its name: it is a place where you can publish your own literary achievements. You can select a category and send it into cyberspace. The readers have an option of commenting your work, so this might be a cool way to test your ideas.

I particularly liked Simplyread.ME – it is similar to OMG Facts – a collection of interesting facts and tid-bits. I spent some time before writing this article reading the facts on the website. I wish they would include a source, so that I could check something that sounds questionable. Maybe that could be included in the update of the page? Simplyread.ME will get its own improvements once the work is done on Simplynote.ME. 🙂

Tomislav says they have have enough material, will power and motivation for these little pro-bono projects. In the next year you can expect a release of a Simplynote.ME iOS app, but in the mean time, check out the Simply Family and pick your favourite!


Ivana (Ivy) Gutierrez

Our Executive Editor Ivy is a graduate student at University of Zagreb where she is studying Communicology and Journalism. She is interested in PR and all things digital. More information is available on her website <a href="">Ivy's ink drops</a>.

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