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Fruitful Stay for Young Programmers at the 9th Summer School of Programming

By .ME, July 18, 2017

Our favorite project was held successfully for the 9th time in a row! Twenty-two Montenegrin students have participated in the Summer School of Programming held in Kolašin from 10th to 18th of July. Next year it’s going to be a full decade – a respectable number, isn’t it?

The organizer of this wonderful event is Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Montenegro, with the full support by the .ME registry. We see it as an opportunity for students to gain a wide range of useful skills, form lifelong friendships, make exciting memories, and, finally, as we saw over the years, to set the foundation for their future successes in life.

Fruitful Stay for Young Programmers at the 9th Summer School of Programming

This chance was given to 22 students from Montenegro. Most of them were primary school students, aged 13 to 15, but that did not stop them from learning how to analyze a problem, in which way to break it down into simpler components or how to write an optimal algorithm for each of those components.

These brilliant young minds are hungry for knowledge – some of them came back to the Summer School for the third time this year. Based on previous attendance and knowledge, participants are split into two groups – beginner and advanced. Although to be honest, the term “beginner” isn’t quite right when you’re 13 and rocking programming languages like a pro. 🙂

The success of the Summer School wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of professors Goran Šuković. His pedagogical skills and pleasant nature made the atmosphere in the classroom light everyone up from the inside. Also, the city of Kolašin was the perfect host. Big thanks go to professor Goran Živković from “Braća Selić” high school, whose students are among the best in the state when it comes to programming.

Fruitful Stay for Young Programmers at the 9th Summer School of Programming

People say our brain performs better when our lungs are filled with fresh mountain air. The organizers took that seriously, so our future programmers enjoyed a range of outdoor activities between lessons. They have visited the national park Biogradska Gora, but also took the time to get a bit closer to the sea and enjoy the beauty of Lake Skadar.

STEM education pays off. One more generation of future tech leaders has grown as a result of this Summer School. And we can’t describe how proud it makes us to contribute to the future of these bright minds, at least in this smallest of ways.

We are looking forward to following their progress. Until then, we encourage them to dream as limits exist only if we create them ourselves. This goes for you too. 🙂



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