Get Tumblr Followers and Visitors by Adding a Tumblr Share Button to Your Blog

Although Facebook’s like button is probably the most used sharing tool on blogs and websites on the Internet, you shouldn’t neglect other social networks. One of them is Tumblr. Tumblr has a growing user base and those users want to easily reblog content from your or any other site outside Tumblr. With just a few clicks, you too can have a Tumblr share button on your blog!

How to Add a Tumblr Share Button to WordPress – Self Hosted

The most popular blogging platform today, WordPress has several options for implementing Tumblr’s share button. First off, lets start with a plugin. Tumblr Button For WordPress is an easy to install plugin for your WordPress installation.

Follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server
  2. In WordPress admin area, go to Plugins menu and find Tumblr Button plugin
  3. Activate it
  4. Locate Tumblr Button in WordPress menu
  5. Select your desired button, save the settings and blog!
Tumblr Share Button plugin for WordPress
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How to Add a Tumblr Share Button to

Some of you have your blogs hosted at or at Google’s Blogger a.k.a. Blogspot. Unfortunately, there are no plugins for these two platforms, or to be more specific; and Blogger do not support plugins. Fear not, young blogger! There are ways to get a Tumblr share button on

You should log in to your dashboard. Go to Settings > Sharing. You will see some sharing services already set up, and some that you can set up later. You’ll find an Add a new service link.

Tumblr Share Button in

Click it and when the window opens, enter the following information:

  • Service name: Tumblr
  • Sharing URL:
  • Icon URL:
    (it should be 16×16 pixels or will resize it. You can get more buttons here)

That’s it! Your visitors will now have the option to repost your blog content on theirs Tumblr accounts. Awesome!

How to Add a Tumblr Share Button to

We have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is: the Tumblr share button cannot be implemented into Blogger blogs. No way. The good news is that you can add Tumblr’s Follow Me on Tumblr gadget, and here’s how…

As always, go into your Blogger dashboard where you’ll click on Design. On the Page layout, click Add a Gadget link. Choose HTML/JavaScript gadget.

Tumblr Follow me Button on Blogger

Leave the Title field empty and copy the following code into content field:

<div style=”float:left”> <a href=”YOUR-TUMBLR-URL”><img src=”” border=”0″ title=”Follow Me on Tumblr” /></a> </div>

Hit Save, then hit Save again to save your Page layout and you’re done!

How to Add Tumblr Share Button to My Blog Without Plugins?

Maybe you have a site on a custom CMS (Content Management System) or you’re still typing in good ol’ HTML. Or maybe you do have a blog in WordPress, but don’t like the plugins? There is a way to add Tumblr share button regardless of your blogging tool. Keep in mind that you should know some HTML and how your template system works, if you have one, as these are more like general instructions that a precise guide:

Find the closing body tag – </body>. Just before it, paste the following code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Now, where ever you want your Tumblr share button to appear, paste the following code:

<a href=”” title=”Share on Tumblr” style=”display:inline-block; text-indent:-9999px; overflow:hidden; width:81px; height:20px; background:url(‘’) top left no-repeat transparent;”>Share on Tumblr</a>

Tumblr Share Buttons

You can get more Tumblr sharing icons and options on their official website and afterwards just paste the newly generated code.

What is the best position for the Tumblr Share Button?

Definitely at the beginning and end of the post. You can have if just on the top, but if possible have it in the end as well. Think for a moment about how your visitors read your articles. They first have to read the post and then they will decide if they want to share it on Tumblr or not. If there isn’t a share button at the end of the post, they probably won’t go back up just for sharing.

If you have a lot of readers who use Tumblr, take our advice and put up a Tumblr share button. You’ll thank us 😉


Nikola Krajacic

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