Great News from the 25th International Philosophy Olympiad

Great News from the 25th International Philosophy Olympiad

It’s a big day for us! We don’t want to boast much, but students and teachers from Montenegrin Gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović” participated in International Philosophy Olympiad held in Rotterdam and achieved great results! Special congratulations go to Danilo Đukanović who won Honorable mention in Essay writing competition among students from 45 countries. The satisfaction is even greater knowing that the International Philosophy Olympiad is one of the two most prestigious high school level competitions in the world.

The International Philosophy Olympiad was held in the city of Rotterdam in Netherlands, from 25th to 28th of May 2017th. Students Ilija Miljkovac, Danilo Đukanović and teachers Anita Milinović, Teodora Dedić, and Jasminka Milošević were part of the Montenegrin team. Aside from competing in Essay writing Competition, they also took part in many workshops and enjoyed a diverse culture and art program. The main theme of this year’s Olympiad was Tolerance, and it was integrated into every lecture and workshop.

Montenegrin team at the 25th International Philosophy Olympiad

.ME is a proud sponsor of Montenegrin team since 2014. We believe that by helping successful young students attend professional development opportunities abroad, we help them widen their views, share and receive knowledge from a multicultural and multinational community, and above all, give way to the progress of the society as a whole.

We also have BIG news!

Association of Philosophy Teachers is the organizer of 2018th International Philosophy Olympiad, which is going to be held in the magnificent Montenegrin city of Bar! Dear Danilo and Ilija, your teachers have told us you were the biggest stars of the Olympiad 2017, so we have high expectations when it comes to the number of participants this year.  Not to mention the participants attracted by the presentation of your friends, Nikola Mumin and Andrija Marić.

Keep making us proud, don’t ever stop chasing your dreams, and you will always have our support!

p.s. Dear reader, we expect you to spread the word as well. 😉



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