Growing Your YouTube Presence With Morningfa.ME

Growing Your YouTube Presence With Morningfa.ME

Thinking about making a career on YouTube? With over 14.3 billion monthly visits, YouTube has become a genuine launchpad for content creators of all shapes and sizes.

However, like in any overpopulated digital ecosystem, the competition is fierce. Around 694,000 hours of video are streamed on YouTube each minute. So putting your content in front of the right audience may be more difficult than you thought. 

Therefore, just creating quality videos and uploading them is not enough to succeed. To grow your YouTube channel and monetize it, you need to optimize it strategically.

That is where Morningfa.ME comes to light.

What is this tool and how can it help you grow your presence on YouTube? Let’s find out!

A Company Born Out Of Passion

Since time immemorial, passionate people have been changing this world. The example of Nicolai Kamenzky, the founder of Morningfame, continues this praxis. 

Morningfame is a Germany-based company, founded by Kamenzky in 2014. Nico unveiled what inspired him to launch Morningfame, saying:

“Analytics and project status reports were my bread and butter. Automating processes became my passion. And all that lead me to think deeply about how analytics can inform the strategic growth of a YouTube channel. I feel honored that the support of a great community allows me to distill my learnings into my Morningfame product.”

How Morningfame Is Unique

Why should you optimize YouTube videos and track their performance? Well, listen to what the folks behind Morningfame have to say about it.

They claim it is not the algorithm that decides which videos gain prominence. It’s the viewers. Namely, YouTube algorithms prioritize content that attracts and engages viewers. They increase the visibility of such content and help it attract more like-minded users. 

Morningfame can help you grow your YouTube channel by prioritizing user enjoyment.

Morningfame represents a unique fusion of keyword research, smart analytics for YouTube, and marketing reporting. Through its unique web reporting features and strategy recommendations, you can finally put your YouTube marketing metrics into perspective and understand what works for you. As they put it:

Morningfame can help you grow your YouTube channel by prioritizing user enjoyment.

“Looking from many different angles you can find out which video topics your viewers enjoyed the most. You can pinpoint which videos produced a lot of engagement – which is a sign that your viewers got really excited or you provoked great thoughts in them. And you can pinpoint in which respects you should improve to more effectively make your viewers enjoy themselves when stopping by on your channel.”

A Tool For Every YouTube Marketer

You don’t need years of digital marketing experience to use Morningfame. Whether you have just entered the digital marketing industry or are an influencer with years of experience, this tool adjusts to your needs and abilities.

According to their data, Morningfame has gained more than 233,236,951 subscribers and 46,873,526,404 views so far. That’s 9 and 11 digits respectively, if you’re counting! 

Morningfame helps you:

  • define your audience
  • identify the right keywords for your videos
  • increase your videos’ quality  
  • boost user engagement and conversions
  • pinpoint the problems within your YouTube marketing strategy 
  •  monitoring your competitors and always know where you stand compared to them

User-Friendly YouTube Reporting

The YouTube video analytics report consists of several tabs and features. To name a few:

The Traction Tab – Understanding How Your Channel Performs

Growing a YouTube channel is a long-term process.  And the creators of Morningfame understand that. They developed the Traction Tab that tells you how much each video has contributed to the growth of your YouTube channel. It measures the impact on many parameters, such as video views, video average duration, likes, comments, subscribers, etc.

This top also informs you about the growth of your channel. By analyzing your latest 10 videos and providing averages for them, it tells you whether your YouTube presence improves with each new video.

Strategy and Workshop Tabs – Personalized Tips & Recommendations

Based on the insights from the Traction Tab, the next step is building a YouTube growth strategy. That is where the Strategy Tab steps in. 

This tab assesses the overall performance of your YouTube channel in terms of views, watch time, engagement, and subscribers. It compares your account to the performance of other accounts with a similar subscriber count. Next, the report tells you what (not) to do to increase your channel’s performance.

The Workshop Tab provides you with more specific tips on meeting the goals recommended in the Strategy Tab.

Measuring Video View Velocity

Your YouTube subscribers increase the views after you upload a new video. User engagement metrics send positive signals to YouTube’s algorithms which, in turn, rank your video higher. The speed at which users engage with your new content is called velocity, and it plays an immense role for YouTube.

The Velocity report measures how many views and likes you get within the first 72 hours. The tool also helps you increase velocity by telling you when to share your content and how to improve user experience.

Growing Your YouTube Presence With Strategic Keyword Research

We all know that keyword research is the backbone of SEO. But, are you identifying the right keywords for your YouTube videos? 

Morningfame may be your perfect tool to verify that. It is one of the most powerful keyword research and planning tools for YouTube videos. These tools will surely help you increase your videos’ searchability and visibility.

Morningfame may be your perfect tool for keyword research on YouTube.

And there are different ways in which you can start using Morningfame’s tools. You can start by searching a broad topic. Or by entering a URL of a video on a similar topic. Then, the tool extracts topic-specific keywords and hashtags and shows metrics for them. That way, it helps you identify the right keywords and tags for each video you make. 

You can also use the Morningfame YouTube SEO editor to write meta-tags. This feature helps you write your tags like a true SEO professional and yet, keep them user-friendly, engaging, and natural at the same time.

Knowledge-Sharing As The Core Of The Morningfame Growth Strategy

Nikolai Kamenzky takes knowledge-sharing quite seriously. He knows that creating helpful content helps businesses build trust with their target audience and inspire their loyalty. 

So in addition to the blog, Nico also manages the Morningfame YouTube channel. There he selflessly shares invaluable tips on improving your presence on YouTube. The versatility of content and topics, from know-how guides and tutorials to success stories and live Q&A sessions, has won the hearts of many users. The channel currently boasts 17.6K subscribers. 

The channel contains everything a rookie digital marketer should know about YouTube optimization. Here, you will learn things like how YouTube’s algorithms work, how to identify the right keywords to rank for, and when to share your content. Ultimately, you will also learn how to use Morningfame to grow your YouTube.

Wrapping Up

As the second most visited website in the world, YouTube is a lucrative career opportunity for people various and manifold. It helps you build a unique online image, explode brand awareness, acquire prospects, and convert them into paying customers. 

However, for you to succeed in such a competitive environment, you need to use the right tools. One of them is Morningfame. With this intuitive, easy-to-use platform, you can stay on top of your statistics and take your online presence to the next level. 

Way to go, guys! Thanks for choosing .ME as your digital home!


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