Heatmap.Me Allows You To Keep Track Of Your Site Visitors In Real Time

Heatmap.Me Allows You To Keep Track Of Your Site Visitors In Real Time

There’re so many analytics tools today that it’s really hard to keep track of what tool is good for what and what separates these tools from each other. Considering that there’re insane amounts of money to be made online, there’s really no surprise that more and more companies are actively trying to develop better insights into what the customer actually looks for. Also, there’s also no surprise that big companies are willing to invest a lot into good quality analytics software that will in return boost their sales. It’s a circle that perfectly describes online marketing today. But in the sea of apps and suites that make analytics easier, one is rather unique and interesting: heatmap.me  

Well, first we need to figure out what a heat map is. You’ve probably seen one or two because a heat map represents data with colours ranging from blue for the least or lowest to bright red to most or highest. It’s most used in weather predictions because, as their name suggests, heat maps are great at showing a difference in temperatures. But that’s really not everything they’re good at.

One of the most recent and innovative uses of this technology is on websites, and it’s pretty brilliant when you look at it. Using this system, you can get a graphic interpretation of the buttons and links your visitors click on when they come to your site and more.

Instant Insight

These can be divided into percentages, and associated with users to get all sorts of valuable data so you can get an accurate picture of exactly what’s happening on your page once someone visits it. If you have a button that urges people to read more about a topic, you can look at how interesting this button is to your visitors and how many of them are actually doing what you want them to do once they visit. This is pretty smart because let’s face it: we all work better with images than numbers.

But most of these tools have a certain lag to them, and they show you information after a certain period of time. This is both good and bad of course, depending how you look at it. Contrary to the popular belief, heat maps aren’t only good for studies that are limited in scope or timeframe, but they can also be used to provide information in real time if you’re using heatmap.me.

Yes, real time.

Instant feedback is something most of us in the digital age really crave for. Whether it’s social media or personal website, we’d always like to wait for as little as possible to get any insight and results as to what’s the reaction to something we do. Well, with heatmap.me you can actually have instant access to your data.   

Even though it sounds a little bit too good to be true, heatmap allows you to track what your users are doing on your website in real-time and allows you to look at the data as the changes happen. That means that you’ll be seeing changes in colour and percentages of clicks and users as they happen, so you can react instantly if there’s something you need to change.

Imagine once again that you have a button that urges visitors to learn more or find out more details or something like that about a product you sell. You put it on your website, fire up heatmap and wait for the results to start coming. You’ll shortly see how many users are actually interacting with your button, and how popular the call to action actually is.

This is especially important when it comes to incorporating new features and campaigns, as most analytics only provide you with the data in a certain timeframe, not in real time. This way you can perhaps change the positioning or sizing of the button, or simply make it a different colour so you attract more visitors to it, or leave it alone if there’s nothing wrong with the way it performs.

Complex Data – Simplified

The last thing we need to talk about is the simplicity of heatmap.me. You see, some analytics tools get all crazy with numbers and jam them all into spreadsheets and tables that honestly can’t mean as much to you as you’d want them to if you aren’t very versed in the topic. That’s why heatmap makes all of the data well-arranged into information that is important to you so you spend less time analysing and more time making good changes to your site.

It really pays to have better insight into what people are doing on your site, and you should definitely be interested in what are your visitors clicking on and make subtle changes to your site to allow for more traffic and better ROI. heatmap.me helps you with real-time monitoring of your site and making all the data stand out in colours, which is the best way to show anything, you’ll agree.  


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