Choose What Sounds You Want To Hear With HerePlus.Me One

Choose What Sounds You Want To Hear With HerePlus.Me One

It’s hard to think that some products we take for granted today we’re pretty much the future just a few short years ago, right? Technology is moving so fast that we sometimes simply forget how much we’re advancing, and it’s wise to stop for a minute and take a break and give a few thoughts about something simple, but yet brilliant – like HerePlus.ME One, headphones that are much more than just headphones.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that almost everyone uses some form of headphones daily. Be it to listen to music on your phone, or to chat with your friends and colleagues over Skype, having them is practically a necessity. That combined with the fact that there are a LOT of headphone manufacturers, makes it very hard to reinvent this device, but somehow Here One managed to do just that.

A quick visit to HerePlus.ME reveals a product that is as innovative as it is great to look at, and manages to give a nice twist on how we look at headphones

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Wireless Is The Future?

The most recent “reinvention” of the so-called earbuds came from Apple with their newest AirPods. For a company known for innovating a lot and making a lot of decisions that tend to shake up the world quite a bit, the decision to go wireless and remove the headphone jack from the newest iPhone has not been welcomed warmly by the community. Still,  there’s not much we can do to delay the future, and it seems that going wireless is exactly that.

But putting Apple’s business decisions aside, the fact that you can use your earphones to create an oasis of serenity around yourself is one of the most welcomed features of any product in the 21st century. But why?

A Cocoon Of Sound

If you’ve ever tried working in a noisy environment, you’re probably quite familiar with the fact that there’s not much work getting done. Be it your co-worker with “clicky” switches on his fancy keyboard (not all mechanical boards are that way) or something else that distracts you, the “cocoon of sound” you create for yourself while wearing headphones is something not a lot of people would willingly give up.

Music is known to relax our muscles, improve our mood and make us feel better overall, so the time you spend listening to your favorite tracks while working can actually be really good for you, if you don’t overdo it, of course. Sound has a great healing factor, and even though you might get a little dreamy while listening to music while you work, it’s something that’s not that bad after all.

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Loud Isn’t Always Good

Of course, one of the most important things to consider when talking about any type of headphones is the fact that they can really mess up your hearing if you’re not taking care of what you’re doing. Today, 1 in 5 teens has some form of hearing loss, and it can sadly be directly connected with the listening of loud music.

The fact that most high-end audio equipment is powerful enough to provide you with a nice case of hearing disorder must make you think twice before blasting “Run To The Hills” at full volume (even though we all do it sometimes).


The second “bad” thing is that even though a lot of headphones provide you with a perfect listening environment by isolating almost any outside sound, that can be a really bad idea when riding a bike, for example. Even though all manufacturers of earbuds strongly advise you not to listen to very loud music while being in traffic, next to no one actually pays attention to that, and that can lead to pretty severe consequences, so please be smart when riding, and listen to music at a reasonable volume if you have to.

Smarter Earbuds

The latter can actually be nullified pretty well with some smart hardware, and that brings us to HerePlus.ME One. To put it bluntly, this system is one of the smartest audio systems you can put inside your ear and is probably the only system that actually takes care of you while you’re using it.

The way these headphones work is pretty simple. Here One is a wireless all-in-one listening system. By providing you with an app as well as two Bluetooth earbuds, you can stream music, take phone calls, check up on Siri and all other things you can do with other headsets, but with a smart twist.

Are you ready?

Okay. These headphones let you filter out background noise, AND let you decide exactly what you want to hear. This is huge news for any headphone user, and the best way to describe it is to say that these headphones combined with their companion app, of course, let you filter out loud noises like jet engines and baby screams while still allowing you to hear what people around you are talking about.

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Choose What To Hear, And What Not To

This is possible with the help of an array of directional microphones placed inside the earbuds themselves, as well as an app that helps you with the creation of your own unique listening profile. For some people sensitive to certain frequencies this can be a real life-saver, as you can effectively filter out an entire frequency so that you feel much better while listening to whatever you want.

Coming back to the problem of the usage of headphones while riding a bicycle, these smart earbuds will really save your life with this great tech. If you’re riding with headphones that isolate all outside noise, car horns and warnings from pedestrians won’t reach you in time, but with these great earbuds, you can play your music while also amplifying the traffic around you just enough that you know what’s happening in your surroundings.

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The idea the creators of these buds have is to work towards the providing of a certain sense of augmented reality for listeners on conferences, concerts, and similar events. This might mean that an entirely new level of possibility is yet to be explored and that these earbuds can do so much more than help you isolate what you don’t want and not get hit by a car in traffic.


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