Here’s How Simplifies Social Media Publishing

Here’s How Simplifies Social Media Publishing

For businesses, being present on social media is mandatory. As the number of social media users grew throughout the years, these networks have become digital marketing meccas where millions can be reached through well-crafted campaigns and savvily invested money for sponsored ads. This means companies can maintain their reputation a lot easier than a few decades ago, especially when it comes to retaining a happy customer, attracting new ones, and raising brand awareness.

Not that you need any convincing, but numbers don’t lie: Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly users, followed by YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Each social network has its rules, pros, and cons, so naturally – businesses need to pay attention where their target group is most active and how do they enjoy engaging with brands.

Social media often turns out to be the main point of communication with customers, and of course – a place for creative directors and social media managers to show their skills and implement inventive marketing campaigns. In this field, figuring out how to engage followers and convert them into customers is one of the toughest things an entrepreneur has to figure out. The second hardest thing is getting the highest possible ROI and finding your way in the often vague and unreliable social media metrics.

How do you measure progress and know you’re on the right track? What are the key KPIs you should keep an eye on? How do you ensure your brand’s identity is consistent through all of the social media channels you’ve been using? While it is highly unlikely for a tool to help you produce engaging content or come up with the detailed strategy, there is in fact one that all marketers have been dreaming of when it comes to social media. helps you to make the most of your marketing strategy, by proving simplicity is heaven-blessed in the world of business. It is the ultimate all-in-one publishing solution that allows you to share multimedia content over multiple social platforms. Even though the market is highly competitive in this field, managed to stand out and go an extra mile compared to the existing scheduling tools. The team managed to do so mainly in two ways: by offering additional features within their tool, and by designing amazing UI and UX. social media

Integrated Social Media Analytics

Although it is hard to cope with the confusing value of a like since social endorsement does not necessarily mean customers will come knocking at your door, there are some metrics you should keep an eye on in order to see if you’re on the right track. In addition, watching over the metrics reflects the meaningful approach towards marketing, where you can plan out the exact role of your social media campaign in your company’s sales funnel. allows you to do exactly that: in order to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, you need relevant data and you have to interpret it in the right way. Luckily, Everypost can help you capture your audience’s attention and keep it by allowing you to measure:

  • Total number of your followers
  • Post frequency
  • The best time for posting (in order to get the highest engagement rates)
  • Top posts (calculated through the strongness of reach, engagement, number of likes, comments, RTs, favorites, etc.)
  • Competitor analysis (so you can watch and analyze what your competitors are doing and better your existing campaign)

With the support of these stats, you can figure out what type of posts resonate the best with your audience and how to better the interaction with your followers.

Social media analytics

Take Control of Your Online Presence

In addition to building an awesome business website, companies need to take care of their social pages, too. It’s not enough to randomly post something in hope it will get noticed. Using social media is delicate, especially because users can be vengeful and will remember if they happen to have some unsatisfying interactions with your brand. But being present on social media can also be extremely powerful – if done in a right way.

For instance, marketers should know that the human brain is naturally hardwired to memorize pictures and visuals better than information organized in text. According to the Social Media Examiner’s 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 85% of the surveyed marketers use visuals in their campaigns. Unfortunately, not all get around the problem of choosing the right visuals to engage their target group. What makes Everypost stand out is just how easy you can customize your content to suit different audiences of each social platform before you cross-post.

You can easily curate all multimedia content from various sources, personalize and schedule posts and share posts across different media platforms. Whether we’re talking YouTube, Flickr, RSS feed or Instagram – you can share relevant content from various sources in order to animate your specific audience and generate online discussions.

Scheduling Has Never Been Easier

Have you noticed how two different posts of similar quality, concept, and value get shockingly different engagement rates? If you’re puzzled about why, check the clock. According to Hubspot, the best timing for posting depends on the platform and the way users interact with it, the region, and your set goals.

Tons of research has been conducted about the most effective times of posting across different social networks, and once you’ve determine that – this is where scheduling comes in pretty handy.  Within Everypost, this scheduling feature allows you to work on your posts when it is convenient for you, and schedule them for the time when your target group is the most active. Everypost’s well-designed interface keeps everything in place, which makes the job easier for the community or social media manager, as they can have a clear overview of what’s going on. Here’s what you can count on:

  • Custom scheduling of posts
  • Previous multimedia post viewing
  • Managing or deleting the previously published posts

With scheduling, you can save time and create better content you can then distribute more effectively and reach broader audience. Complete social workflow is displayed right in front of you so you can make smarter decisions while taking in mind the metrics.

Easy Collaboration and Management

Everypost goes beyond being a useful publishing tool. It also enables you to easily manage roles within your organization and work with your colleagues, while increasing the overall business productivity.

This feature allows you to create social networks, collaborate, and manage permission levels and roles within your team. Clearly defined responsibilities will ensure everything runs smoothly. Define who is going to be the admin, the manager, and the publisher. In some cases, dividing the role between several people can be good, as you segmentize the workload and use the advantage of having more than one head for coming up with creative solutions. There are also other roles you can assign, such as account owner, account admin, channel manager, and group manager.

Figure out how many people you need for handling social media marketing and putting your campaign to life. It depends on the type of your business, its size, and the current phase of your company. Undoubtedly, social media supports the growth of your business, while Everypost makes the perfect ally for the venture. Among Its Competition

Everypost can definitely give a lesson or two to entrepreneurs who are just getting started. Even though there are already tools that help marketers schedule social media posts and get the optimal ROI when crafting their strategies, the team behind Everypost was daring enough to think they can do it better.

And they were not wrong.

Within just two years, Everypost managed to raise $1.18 million in three funding rounds. Although this is a praise-worthy success by itself, the fact that investors were one of the most prominent thought leaders from social media marketing world (Alexander Hohagen, Stefano Zunino, Carlos Garcia) – makes the best indicator of the value of their idea.

The strongest advantages of Everypost include the number of features, its simplicity, the mobile-first approach, and the continuous focus on bringing the best UX there is. This is what got the team to 10% user growth per week. They are not just profit-oriented but want to make a difference with their tool, which is why they offer a discount for non-profits and educational institutions so to bring it back to the community and support those who are working for greater good every day.

Everypost is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, Android phones and tablet devices, so you can manage your social pages easily, on the go. However, there are slight differences in features when it comes to iOS and Android users (e.g. photo filters are available only on iOS devices), but the team is continuously working on improvement.

As for the pricing, there are different package plans:

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Plus
  • Advanced
  • Teams

The price range goes from $0 to $99.99 per month, with a special offer for enterprises and those who decide to sign up for a year plan. Whether you need to manage your personal profiles or your business pages, is definitely your go-to tool.


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