HintEd – Pioneers in Software Adoption Platforms

HintEd – Pioneers in Software Adoption Platforms

Living and working in the times of pandemics made us all learn several valuable lessons. One of them is that our companies must be adapted so they can thrive in the digital world. 

Remote employees make up a significant percentage of the workforce. Thus, training employees how to use enterprise software becomes all more complex and time-consuming. Imagine if we could adapt this process, eliminate bottlenecks and allow people to work as efficiently and “painlessly” as possible.

HintEd makes the software adoption easier and helps companies increase their productivity.

This is where HintEd enters the scene. HintEd’s fast, affordable, and no-code product makes software adoption facilitated and automated. Now, let’s see what this means in practice and how you can use HintEd to help your business. 

A Software Adoption Software That Came From Experience

HintEd was founded in 2018 as a startup by entrepreneurs Artem Taganov and Sergei Yartsev. These two wanted to develop a tool that’s in demand. Namely, the initial idea came from work experience. As Artem Taganov (HintEd CEO) says: 

‘The idea for HintEd came about when I was working as a business analyst and business developer in Major IT companies like Luxoft, EPAM, and Microsoft. I spent hours and hours writing user manuals and trying to teach users to use the digital tools implemented by those companies. Those manuals were useless because people simply will not read them.’ 

Besides, employees also spend a lot of time learning instructions and are thus distracted from their work. 

Digital adaptation is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Therefore, Taganov used his own experience and insights into the real pain points of the software training. Consequently, they came up with a solution that can help enterprises in their  digital transformation. In their own words, ‘Digital transformation is no longer a luxury but a necessity’.

What’s The Secret of HintEd’s Success?

Whether you are a business owner or a customer or an employee, you know it can be difficult to learn using new digital technologies. Pages and pages of instructions and software simulations leave you on your own, seeking assistance when it ‘all becomes real’. Sounds familiar?

With HintEd you can be assured that the software is easily accessible to your employees. Not to mention that it makes the software user-friendly. As a result, your employees will be satisfied and productive. 

With HintEd, rest assured that the software is easily accessible to your employees.

According to Taganov’s own words, making difficult and unpopular decisions is part of startup development. Nurturing your team and insisting on transparent communication should be your priority if you want your startup to grow.

Software Adoption With Less Stress

Adapting to new software can be frustrating and stressful. Upgrading to a new system that meets your needs doesn’t have to be hard. Successful software adoption does not have to interrupt employees’ workflow and bring in additional expenses.

What sets HintEd apart 

HintEd is a platform that allows integration into any enterprise software in order to help employees get training gradually. HintEd also provides instant help during their tasks via on-screen interactive guides and in-app walkthroughs.

We are talking about an affordable tool with easy setup, internal system integration, and rich customization options. More precisely, HintEd is installed as a Chrome extension + a Javascript snippet. HintEd can work with no integrations at all. HintEd also supports Windows applications. It has self-hosting installation and desktop application support. 

When it comes to visual elements, HintEd contains walkthroughs, highlights and hotspots. 

Speaking of support, HintEd offers live chat, online support, customer success, and service-level agreement for the enterprise. HintEd has a game-changing training interface with simple and clear instructions for people not familiar with programming. Additionally, HintEd provides ongoing guidance and support.

In a nutshell, HintEd helps companies to get rid of the user manuals. And also save time and money while they’re at it. 

How HintEd Works

With HintEd you get to create custom in-application step-by-step guides for your software. HintEd creates a separate training and support layer above your app. Thus, you get an interactive step-by-step guide that provides users with real-time help across their business tasks software environment.

HintEd flows are simple and easy to create and update. You just need a few clicks! HintEd has a no-code editor, so you don’t need to worry about knowing how to code. HintEd’s no-code editor allows you to create on-screen guides by selecting different elements inside applications (or by simply recording all steps).

To sum up, HintEd has these superb features:

  • Add text, videos, GIFs, links, emojis – and much more
  • Create workflows automatically
  • Simple & clear instructions
  • No-code!

HintEd Accelerates More And More

HintEd presence and success speak for themselves. They lived up to all expectations. Kirov Group Ventures, Softline Venture Partners and Yellow Rockets have invested in HintEd, and it was justified. 

HintEd was among the 200 startups invited to take part in the MassChallenge 2021 accelerator program. In other words, they were chosen from 3.000 startup applicants to participate in the MassChallenge cohort. Gaining access to a global network opens up new possibilities.

What is more, HintEd was recognized as a “Future Unicorn” in the newly established startup rating by Forbes Russia. HintEd can also boast about the fact that it has been selected from over 4500 applicants as a finalist of the FTxSDG Challenge and identified as the most promising impact in emerging markets

HintEd is a fast-growing IT company with a team located in five different worldwide regions. More than 1 million customers have already used their product.

Wrapping Up

HintEd helps in building bridges between humans and software. HintEd now has a remarkable customer base mainly among top enterprises in Eastern Europe and can be proud of their title of pioneers in digital adoption platforms in the region. 

The inspiring story of HintEd teaches us the following: recognize what people need, and people will recognize the value you are giving them.


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