How Do I Register a Domain Name at

You’ve already had the chance to learn how domains work and how to get free themes for your WordPress blog. Now it’s time to show you where and how to get your domain name, be it a .me, .com, .net, .org or any other top-level domain out there. We start with Blacknight!

Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd or Blacknight is a 100% Irish owned company which specializes in hosting and co-location of servers. They are an accredited registrar of the .me domain as well.

What Domains Can I Get?

While some domain registrars provide you with only the most popular domains, Blacknight is able to provide you with more than 250 county code top-level domains, including Ireland’s own .ie. There are hundreds of European domains, as well as Asian, African, American and Austrailan top-level domains available at the Blacknight registrar. Why not register a .me while you’re there? 😉

How to Buy a Domain Name at

Well, the procedure is really simple. Just open the Blacknight website and the first thing that will catch your attention is a large Get a Domain Name today box. Simply enter your desired domain name with your preferred TLD and click the Go button. You’ll then be taken to a screen where you will see a variety of other TLDs that you can purchase, as well as their status (availability).

Blacknight domain registration process
A list of other TLD's one might be interested in

Choose the domains that you want to buy and click Continue. If you do not require any additional services like hosting or other domain names, you will be taken to the Checkout page where you’ll have to login to place an order. If you don’t have an account with Blacknight, you’ll be able to create it during this step.

Blacknight domain registration process
Checkout is clean and simple!

I really loved that the domain registration process is pretty straight forward. There are no adverts for numerous services and the interface is nice and clean as it should be when you’re buying a domain name.

How About Some Support?

Of course. If you have any questions before (or after) buying a domain name, you have several places to look for information. You can contact their support desk directly 24/7, look for information on Blacknight’s wiki or blog, and finally, on their forums. Thumbs up for the number of options! Let’s not forget Blacknight’s Twitter and Facebook page where you can also get some answers.

Get Personal with .Me

One thing that makes Blacknight so great is the site. By “getting personal” with .me you can easily get .me domains, as long as the domain is – your name! So, if you have always wanted to own a domain like, gives you the chance!

Get Personal With .me
Get Personal with .me and obtain your own .me domain!

Have you made a decision about your domain name? If so, you might find the right register…


Nikola Krajacic

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