How To Be A Productive Mom (.Me) In 2016

How To Be A Productive Mom (.Me) In 2016

Hey, you! Did you just get your first child? Or maybe you have three boys- a 6, 11, and 14-yo, or 2 girls, with the list of extra activities long as the Nile? I think I can guess why you are here then. I always remember my mother saying: “My day could last 36 hours and I still couldn’t get anything done!”.

Well, the solution lies in being more productive so that, finally, you can maybe finish that book, take that art class, or just start to do some running in the morning.

Productivity is about making time where there is none, being smart and economical, and that is really exhausting if you are a mom. In 2012, when we wrote about, we discovered it is a great place for moms and expecting moms as well since you can find everything – from advice and shared opinions of other moms to a forum where you can talk with them!

Following it since, we went to look for advice for being a more productive mom in 2016!

Plan Your Family Time

Yes, kids are all but likely, so it’s sometimes hard to plan in advance. But, there are still things you can plan, like school and practice, time for homework and bedtime. Ok, maybe not the bedtime. They’re tough on that sometimes. Ok, almost always. Anyway, try to do the following:

Coordinate schedules with the rest of the family for the following week and plan chores(and maybe some free time?),

Plan meals for the following week so you can save some time not thinking about it the last minute,

Make a to-do list at the end of the day.

When you know how much time you have next week, you can plan easier what are you going to do tomorrow. Make a to-do list and try to follow it the best you can! Sometimes you’ll not get everything done, but you’ll get a lot more more done than not having anything. We picked up a lot more of great tips for workweek creation plan on Mom.Me!

Plan Your Me-Time As Well

When you’re a parent, having some time to be alone is considered a myth, or as Lynn Shattuck said in an article at Mom.Me Blog:

Like these other moms, at this stage of my life, indulging in luxuries like napping and Netflix only seem possible if I were sick or broken-limbed.

She left great advice at about it – I recommend you do a full read!

Get Into Habit Of Getting Up Earlier And Start A Routine

Mornings are not always welcome, as they come too early. Leaving the bed can be stressful, especially when you know you have a full day ahead, and even just a few more seconds in bed is considered valuable.

Try waking up before the kids, take a shower, put on makeup and make yourself some coffee, so you’ll be all ready to take care of the kids when they get up. That way you won’t be slacking later through the day.

After some time it will become an easy morning routine.

Join A Community, Such As Mom.Me

Doing research on this topic, I stumbled upon an article about how to deal with being a mom and shared it with a friend that had a baby recently, since we talked about how her life changed.

She was surprised to find that a lot of women experience the same things as she is, and happy that she found an online community to join where mothers share their stories and advice, from pregnancy to having grown up kids that moved away.

So, no matter how long you have been a mom, joining a true mom community can help you learn some great things and be more productive!

How are you staying a productive mom in 2016? Share it with us in the comments!


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