How to Find a Domain at is a fully ICANN-accredited domain registrar based in Denver, Colorado. With its well designed website, you will have a pleasant time while searching for the right domain for your site or a blog.

You can also get hosting plans with, as well as great domain search tools such as Domain Nabber which will show you what domain names are about to expire.

What Can I Get at

When searching for a domain name at you’re not limited to single domain or multiple domain search tools. will help you with its tools like Geo Domains, Domain Nabber and Domain Suggestion.

The Geo Domains tool will help you find a perfect domain based on your location and some keywords relevant to your business. With Domain Suggestion, all you need to do is enter some keywords for your domain and the tool will give you some suggestions. Domain Nabber is quite an interesting tool I haven’t seen anywhere else; it will show you what domains are about to expire and scheduled for deleting from registrars. Aside from domains, you will also get web hosting starting at $5.99/month with

Buying a Domain Name with

Now that you know what offers, let me show you how to buy a domain name. Open up the website, you’ll immediately notice the big search box, which actually is your start point. However, wait a second; try to refresh the site. The title above the box will change. I really love the titles they have, so try them out.

What domain are you looking for?

Okay, now enter the desired domain name into the search box and click Search. You will be taken to the results page, where you will see if your domain is available. If you’re into premium domains, you will see associated premium domain names which you can pick from.

Choose desired domains and click Checkout. In the Checkout Review, you will have the option to select several TLD’s to register and maybe pick some related domains. If you have one, you can enter a promo code here and finish the checkout process.

Easily add domains during the checkout

Payments to support PayPal, Account Credit (pre-paid) and credit cards. They’ll accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit cards.

Get Support if Needed!

As for the support, has a wide range of contact channels. Firstly, if you run into a problem or have a question, check out their FAQ or Wiki. Ask them something on Facebook or Twitter or send them an e-mail. You can also read their blog or watch a video over at Vimeo to follow up with Get your Domain on!


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