How to Get a Domain Name for Your Website at DomainDiscount24

Last week we featured Blacknight, an Irish based domain registrar. The next one on our list is DomainDiscount24, which has some nice perks you might like.
DomainDiscount24 is a fully automated domain registration portal. It’s a part of the Key-Systems company which was founded in 1998. They manage over 2.5 million domain names and besides domains, they’ll offer you web hosting for your sites and DNS services.

What Does DomainDiscount24 Offer Me?

DomainDiscount24 will provide you with a wide variety of top-level domains, even country-code ones. You can finally get your .asia, .gy, .ag or why not .me? 😉 DomainDiscount24 has it. You can even preorder .xxx domains to make sure you get the one you want once they’re available.

If you’re a Firefox user, you can easily add DomainDiscount24 to your list of search engines. Next time you want to search for a domain, just hit Ctrl+K and that’s it!

Buying a Domain Name at

Once you get to the DomainDiscount24 site, you’ll be welcomed by a three step form. In the first step you must enter the desired name and in the second one you would think you’ll need to choose a single TLD, right? Wrong.

How many times have you wanted to see what popular TLD’s are available for your domain? DomainDiscount24 managed to group TLD’s into several groups for you to choose from. So, in step 2 just pick a group of domains and the last step – click Search.

DomainDiscount24 grouped all of its TLD's into several groups

Depending on the TLD group you chose, you will get a smaller or bigger table of available and non-available domains. Next step is to select the ones that you like and add them to the cart. After selecting the period of registration, you’ll have to login (or create a new account with DomainDiscount24), pay and your domains will be registered.

Every domain name needs to be paid. To make your payments easy for you, DomainDiscount 24 has serveral payment options: credit card, bank debit, bank transfer and PayPal. They support American Express, MasterCard and Visa. If you live in Germany, you can make the payment via bank debit. If you find any promo codes, you’ll be able to enter it before the checkout, so keep googling 🙂

But I’ve Got a Couple of Questions…

Good! Luckily, DomainDiscount24 has its own wiki where they’ve got a real knowledge database with the answers to the majority of your question. If you still have any unanswered questions left, you can find them on Twitter and Facebook, as well as contact them using the company’s contact form.


Nikola Krajacic

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