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How to Register a Domain Name With Dotster

By Marko Mudrinić, June 20, 2013

Everything is online these days and reasons for creating your website are endless. Whether you’re looking for a perfect family domain name which you can use for emails or thinking about starting a blog, personalized domain names are a must at this moment. Considering that all the good ones are probably taken, especially if you’re thinking about .com, you’re better off finding a more suitable, more peculiar domain name. Lucky for you, Domain.Me offers such a thing and it doesn’t get anymore personal than us!

If you want to register a domain name but never have done it before, have no fear, Domain.Me is here to help you! Since Dotster is a very popular service for registering domain names, we’ve decided to do a step-by-step guide on how to to register your own .Me domain name!

Is Your Domain Name Available?

In order to register your domain name with Dotster, you’ll have to visit their website first. Once you’re there, you’ll be presented with a big search box where you can check whether your desired domain name is available. Dotster provides you with several different domain names but .Me is the one you want :).


After the service is finished checking if your domain name is free, it will give you a list of all the domain names and variations you might be interested in. Keep in mind that some domain names are premium, so they might be a bit pricey or have some other conditionsbefore purchasing. If you are interested in premium domains, you can also check out Domain.Me Premium Program.


Following this step you can also purchase Domain Privacy which will cost you $8.99 per year. This feature will prevent anybody from getting your real name, contact information and address while whoising your domain name.

Creating The Account And Buying The Domain Name

After you made sure your domain name is free, you can proceed to checkout by clicking Add To Cart. This will prompt you to a secure page where you can also purchase Business E-mail package, Instant Website package, and some other packages which are designed to boost your future website’s security. These packages range from free trials to $12.95 per year.


When you’re done with this, the third and final step will appear. This step is related to your billing info and you’ll have to enter your personal information such as your first name, last name, email, phone number and your adress. Have no worries, the service is secure and absolutely no information will leak.


Only after you are done with entering your personal information, you will need to enter your credit card information. As with the personal details, the service is protected meaning it guarantees that your data is secured. You can pay via Visa, Master Card or American Express as well as with PayPal. Proceed to checkout, confirm your bill and in matter of minutes you will get the confirmation email along with all the necessary information.


Congrats, you now own your very own .Me domain name!


Marko Mudrinić

Marko is an undergraduate student based in Belgrade. Majoring in Journalism he's interested in digital publishing, startups and new technology. He currently writes for Balkan's leading Internet magazine Netokracija about local startups scene.

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7 responses to “How to Register a Domain Name With Dotster”

  1. avatar Rohit Yadav says:

    This is really superb. This post made me wondering about the days back in 2000 when I wondered how the websites are registered. Now after registering so many sites, it looks like this article is superb for everyone who want to register a new domain. From the first day I registered my .ME domain, I want to confess that whenever I want to register a new name or have in mind, I look to the .ME name before all others.

    • avatar Ivana (Ivy) Gutierrez says:

      Thank you very much, Rohit! We appreciate you favoring .Me domain names! Love from the .Me Blog Team!

      • avatar Rohit Yadav says:

        Hey Ivy,
        I have been in touch with most of the .ME team. I have a very good experience with them as the gratitude they have shown towards ME and all other Internet users all around the world. It is not only the name ‘ME’ but they have personally developed relations with all. They have shown a definitive confident growth as a country and as an Internet Registry and have build a lot of confidence in ME to support them. All love to everyone at ME Registry from India…..:)

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    I really like the theme of the website and how well you organized the content. It’s a marvelous job, there are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon, hope to see more posts soon!

  5. avatar alan camers says:

    Really good blog, thank you very much for your effort in writing this post.

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