How to Register a Monstrously Great Domain Name at Domain Monster

Despite the name, Domain Monster is an ICANN accredited registrar where you can get domains of every kind for your site or blog. Founded in 2006, with offices in Paris, London and New York, Domain Monster provides some of most sophisticated services in the domain name market. You can register domains, transfer them from your current registrar, and even join the partner program to earn some extra money…

What Kind of Domains Can You Get at Domain Monster

With Domain Monster you can register a pretty big number of domain names, from common ones like .com, .net or .org to more special ones like .me. There’s also the option of registering .xxx domain names if you’re up for them.

You should note that if you’re buying more than 10 domains at once, you will get a nice discount per domain name, and if you’re buying more than 25 domain names, the discount will be even bigger.

How Do You Buy a Domain Name

The procedure is simple. Just open the Domain Monster website and in the upper right corner you will notice a domain search box. Simply enter your desired domain name with the preferred TLD and click the button. Next, you’ll see a screen where you can see variety of other TLDs that you can purchase, as well as their availability status. You can even check out which domains are nearly expired and backorder them.

Which TLD-s are available?

Add domains you want to buy into your basket and click the basket link at the top of the page. Choose the time period for registration and click the Checkout. If you don’t have an account with Domain Monster, now is the time to create one.

Will Domain Monster Be Helpful?

As I said before, Domain Monster is a good monster.  If you have any questions about buying a domain name, contact Domain Monster via e-mail or find an answer in the Support FAQ. If you’re more into social networks, Domain Monster has its own Facebook and Twitter profile page. E-mail is a standard option in support, but if you’re from UK, France or USA, feel free to give them a call!

If you’re in a search for a domain registrar, Domain Monster might be just the thing you’re looking for. It will not eat your cookies, nor will it be under your bed. It will take care of your domains as a true professional.


Nikola Krajacic

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