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Use .Me: The Wonderful Things To Do With A .Me Domain

By Tena Šojer, August 19, 2014

A domain is the very first impression you make in the digital world, the name you make for yourself in the vast expanses of the online space. It only stands to reason then that it should speak for you, tell the real story of who you are and what you do, and it needs to be personal. What tells your story better than a .ME ending to your Internet identity? And here are just a few great ideas about how .Me can work for you! .me 2

Say Who You Are

We did say that your domain is like your name in the digital world, but herE’s a fun fact: your name can actually be your domain. If you’re building a personal brand or just want to blog about your experiences, build your portfolio, or maybe showcase your work, what better way is there to do so than to do it under your own name?

Take for example Linda Sherman, a marketing pro and experienced speaker. On her webpage, you can find all the info you need on who Linda is, what she does, the topics she loves to talk about and how you can contact her. How to get to her webpage? You can find her at LindaSherman.Me – wow, that was easy to remeMber!

Maybe your alias speaks more for you in the digital arena than your given name, so tell the world that’s who you are too, like TheLondoner.Me! .me 3

Say What You Do

Sometimes who we are is closely tied to what we do. Take Carlos Eduardo Espinal, a partner at Seedcamp, Europe’s leading accelerator and micro-seed investment program, investor and entrepreneur, who blogs about startups, venture, tech and finance, which often takes him back to the drawing board. His domain? TheDrawingBoard.Me, of course.

If you’re not looking for a domain for yourself, but for your company or a project .Me comes in quite handy as well: There is a whole bunch of great examples like JetPack.Me, CVGram.Me, Maps.Me, StartupBeer.Me… the list goes on and on and on.

me 4

What Do You Stand For

There are some things that are so much bigger than us, things we are a part of or stand for, ideals we want to live up to and ideas we want to spread. We love when people use our domains to speak up about things that matter, to them, to us and the world in general, like Liberty.Me.

Tell the world what is important to you! Are you into eco-friendly living, like EcoIs.Me? Do you want to live a smarter, better life like the users of SmartCitizen.Me? What makes you tick?

Don’t worry, we have a whole bag packed full of ideas for using .Me, and next week we’ll talk a bit more about  .Me as a call to action, adding a punny punch to your online identity and making your domain name just!


Tena Šojer

Tena graduated from University of Zagreb with a masters degree in English and Anthropology. Her interests are writing, science, technology and education, and her goal in life is to find a way to pursue them all at the same time. She is currently writing for Netokracija, working with a great team to bring the best internet and tech related news to the Balkans.

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