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Hynt.ME Makes Remembering Things A Breeze

By Ivan Simic, May 2, 2017

Okay, so here’s the thing: I tend to forget a lot of stuff. It’s not the so-called “important” things, like deadlines on articles such as this one, but rather some menial tasks we all tend to do without thinking, like forgetting the umbrella or leaving the front door open so that strangers can rob me of my possessions.

But not anymore, I said to myself. No longer will I forget things that could cause me discomfort, so it’s pretty cool that Hynt.ME exists, especially for people like me. Armed with the so-called Hynt tokens and an app, you’ll never forget things ever again! Well, perhaps I’m too bold with this claim, but you get it.

If you tend to forget about these little things as much as I do, please do yourself a favor and whatever you do, don’t Google “I keep forgetting things”, or you’ll be served with a variety of depressing WebMD articles about Alzheimer’s or even things worse than it. Chances are, your memory is probably pretty normal, you just have a lot on your plate right now. I feel your pain.

It’s Probably Not Alzheimer’s

If you get over the fact that you’re probably healthy as you can be, you can start to uncover the reasons why you forget even the silliest and most basic things, like whether you’ve shampooed your hair while showering or leaving the oven on while going on vacation. You know, the little things. This is probably due to your body doing tasks automatically, rather than actually thinking about it.

We all have trouble remembering sometimes, so it's probably more of an inconvenience than a medical issue.

This is the same thing as riding a bike. You don’t really think about keeping balance and pedaling while you ride it, you keep track of the traffic and look where you’re going. So when you forget to turn the lights off and feel frustrated about it, you can just remember (pun intended) that you were simply thinking about something more important than that.

To combat this “automatization”, we’ve developed a whole range of apps and devices, just to help us remember what we need to do, even though we’re in a completely different place in our mind at the time. There are apps that help you write things down, like Evernote, and others that let you photograph pieces of paper that are important to keep track of later, like CamScanner.


Spreadsheet man also forgets, so you’re not alone.

Hardware Reminders? Sure, I’ll Remember That

I personally use to help me with sorting out my days, and it does help to make me feel more organized – when I remember to use it, of course. It has all sorts of things I need, like making me type in text that will magically appear on the day I need it, and sounds that make me worried I might’ve forgotten something I needed to write for work. It’s pretty cool and all, but perhaps there’s a better way.

Enter, hardware. I often say that the most complex of issues can be solved with the most simple of hardware (I never say that). Hardware manufacturers have figured out that we forget our keys and similar things a lot, and that’s why there’s a ton of different hardware GPS trackers you can buy that simply sync to your phone and show you where they are. That’s it – you ask and you receive. This is, of course, pretty simple tech and it can’t really do much, but if it’s on a keychain that’s the only job it needs to do.

Or is it?

The Smartest Token In Your Life

You see, what if your GPS tracker had a brain of its own? You can put it on your kitchen counter, and it’ll remind you not only where the kitchen is, but also to buy groceries and take the chicken out of the freezer. That’s a cool idea, right? Well, Hynt.ME aims to do exactly that, and you can get your hands on it right now.

Each Hynt pack comes with a number of Hynt tokens, interchangeable color rings and all sorts of software goodies. The way they work is like this:

  • You buy the pack and put the tokens where you want them, like in the kitchen or on the front door of your house.
  • Each Hynt will send out a Bluetooth signal instead of GPS, which is more effective inside.
  • You then add your tasks to your calendar app, sync it with your Hynts and there you go
  • You now have precisely located reminders that will help you remember everything you need


Of course, Hynt isn’t just that. You can also sync it with your other smart home devices such as Alexa. Once that’s done, you can simply ask Alexa to tell Hynt to remind you to get groceries in the kitchen, and it’s all done. This is probably the next evolution of home automation, and I’m here to tell you about it.

Hynt will probably help you without you even noticing it, and that's the beauty of this system.

The convenience of Hynt.ME is overwhelming, and the feature list is as big as they come, with the possibility to sync Hynt tokens with iMessage, SMS, Wunderlist, and IFTTT. The latter help you make your smart home even smarter by making the Hynt app serve as your personal remote for your home.

Imagine this: you get to your house with the Bluetooth on, and Hynt automatically opens the garage door and turns the lights on. Then, as you leave the garage, Hynt closes it and turns off the lights, as well as reminding you what you need to do that day in the kitchen, turning on the mood lighting in the living room and putting that sweet Spotify playlist on. It can really do all these things, and more.

So now that you’re ready to give your reminders a kick, head over to Hynt.ME and go crazy on token shopping. First deliveries are coming this August!


Ivan Simic

A passionate gamer, experienced journalist, and a comedian in his free time. A lover of video games, humor and technology, always on the lookout for new trends and ideas.

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