Ideal.Me: Be Who You Really Want To Be

Ideal.Me: Be Who You Really Want To Be

I recently had an interesting conversation with my close friend about current situation in her life. She feels like everything stopped and that she hasn’t had progress in anything for a long time. She is trying her best but still nothing positive or motivating is happening. I felt a bit helpless because everything I suggested as a possible solution hit the wall.

When I was going through the page Ideal.Me, I had her on my mind. I was wondering if could it help to solve the stagnation she got in. It is not impossible for someone to get in that situation. It takes a lot of courage to admit that maybe you need help solving things in your life.

Ideal.ME solves your problems?

Ideal.Me is a place where you can find the cause of problems and the way how to solve it. It gives you a chance to become the person who you always wanted to be. After creating an account, you are offered a test to solve. If you don’t want to solve it, there is an option to skip the test, but I strongly recommend you to do it. Personally, I like such tests, so even if you don’t, give it a try. You will answer on questions from 4 different parts: relationship, health, wealth and skills.

Before seeing the results, Ideal.Me creator of the test you took will ask you few more questions. Through the page it will explain you how the test is conceptualized and what’s the purpose of taking it. It’s important you read all of it because to carry out the idea of Ideal.Me, first you need to understand it.

30 days free for new accounts!

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Ideal.Me will help you to improve yourself and become a person you always wanted to be. It will offer concrete steps to motivate you to change for the better. The test will show your success efficiency and give detailed analysis of the results. The result you made on the test will determine the way how Ideal.Me will help you to find the ideal you. Every day suggestions will motivate you to do actions and make goals you would like to achieve.

It also can be useful for people who want to quit smoking or lose some weight. Ideal.Me is a perfect application and personal help that will lead you through the way to become better you. It’s not just useful in professional way, but also in personal. After your free trial expires, it costs $9 per month and it’s available as an application on your iPhone.

Ideal.Me received many positive reviews and I would also like to add mine. It’s a useful application and web page that will give you concrete advice on how to make your life more productive and help solve issues that have been troubling you. For anyone who doesn’t know how to start with necessary changes, Ideal.Me will make a lot of effort to help you.


Dora Jelaković

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