[INFOGRAPHIC] WordPress SEO Checklist

[INFOGRAPHIC] WordPress SEO Checklist

While Google’s search algorithm updates have been known to throw website owners into a frenzy (Panda anyone?), the road to sustainable SEO remains the same and it has nothing to do with fitting as much keywords as possible onto your website.

The key to sustainable SEO is and was creating high-quality content that is relevant for your target audience and choosing a platform that will feature that content in the best possible way. Today that platform has to be responsive or mobile optimized, provide seamless user experience and encourage social interactions.

Luckily, there are many platforms to choose from. You can even set out to create one from scratch, but will all the options available today, we would not recommend that. Instead, we recommend you to try the platform that differentiated itself as a CMS made for building search engine friendly websites – WordPress.

In just 12 years, WP did the unimaginable – it went from an idea to go-to content management system that today powers more than 60 million websites, or 22% of world’s websites. Every day you visit at lest one WP-powered website. Most visited of them being TechCrunch, American Express, The New Your Times, Time and Fortune.

Great thing about WordPress is that it not only follows, but also sets SEO trends with its mobile-responsive themes to top SEO plugins. In our infographic you can see visual representation of all the awesome SEO options your WordPress site offers.

Infographic: WordPress SEO Checklist
Infographic: WordPress SEO Checklist


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