Instantgram.ME: The World Of Instagram Photos On Your Palm

Instantgram.ME: The World Of Instagram Photos On Your Palm

I rarely post photos from my phone, but Instagram is still my favorite application. I could spend hours playing with how the photo will look like or exploring other photos. Actually I’m waiting for my next trip to make some awesome photos, so at the moment I’m just collecting ideas and inspiration. As we are all mostly taking photos with digital cameras or smartphones, I noticed that printing out photos is slightly forgotten and underrated. It shouldn’t be and that’s why it’s great to present you a new domain, Instantgram.ME.

What is Instantgram.ME?

The motto of Instantgram.Me is simple and clear:

“Viewing your Instagram photos on your mobile device is great but holding them in your hands is even better. “

Exactly! Instantgram is a personalized printing service that turns your Instagram images into really adorable little magnets. All you need to do is choose pictures online and they will deliver it straight to your door. Each Intstngram Magent is 5 cm x 5 cm big, almost the same size as the photo that apperas on your iPhone. If you are not interested in little magnets, company is also selling non-magnets called Squares.

“Each set of Squares contain 24 photos (10.16cm x 10.16cm / 4 x 4 inches). A set of Mini-Squares contain 48 photos (6.35cm x 6.35cm / 2.5 x 2.5 inches).You can print as many copies of individual images as you like.”

If you wish to order little magnets, one set of 9 will cost you $17.00, while shipping is free worldwide. The price is same for 2 sizes Squares, also with free shipping. Tempting? I’m already making some plans about this neat idea and offer.

 What Do You Have To Do?

Choose your product. Connect with Instagram. Make the set of photos you would mostly like to have printed. You order will be delivered within 7-14 days, though it depends on your region. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you aren’t happy with the product you bought.

Instagram is a great application, but Instantgram.Me can become your little guilty pleasure. Personally, I see it as a great idea and solution for when you don’t know what to buy your friends and family for holidays or birthdays. It can also be a good unexpected little gift for someone you want to make happy, with no special reason. Your fridge or magnet boards can now be more personalized with little Instagram magnets. If you are a school teacher, it can be perfect for your kids in classroom. Ideas with Instantgram.Me are really endless. The only problem you might have is: which photos to choose? 🙂


Dora Jelaković

Our blogger Dora has graduated at the University of Zagreb, where she majored in Business Economy, department of Marketing. She is interested in Promotion, Creative strategies, traveling and writing in general.

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