Interview With The Co-Founder Of Splinter.ME: Adelina Peltea

Interview With The Co-Founder Of Splinter.ME: Adelina Peltea

In this week’s interview, we present you co-founder of Splinter.ME, Adealina Peltea. Just a reminder, Splinter.ME is a social recruitment platform and co-organizers of Hacker Tour Europe. Read how this successful young lady is managing  her work in many different roles, the future plans of Splinter.ME and expectations of Hacker Tour Europe!

Q: How did you become part of the Splinter.Me team?

Splinter.Me has two co-founders, Ahmed and me, currently working together from 5000 km away. I am based in Brussels, he is based in Egypt. We are truly an EMEA startup as GigaOm called us.

Now, you may wonder how we managed to get this combination. When I was preparing to start this business, I was lucky to find Ahmed through some interviews I was doing for my book on startups, Customer Seduction. He had the same vision and complementary skills. He was already working on the platform for a while, and two months before I met him he already quit his job to be able to dedicate himself completely to this business – which shows a lot of motivation.
It is now 9 months since I met him and 7 months since I am officially co-founder of Splinter.ME. And this is just the beginning.

Q: What is the main purpose of Splinter.Me? And as one of the co-founders, what are your tasks and how does your work day look like?

Our main purpose is to help people showcase their professional value and get matched with work opportunities, all with the power of technology. Our technology analyzes people’s activities online, on various platforms, and displays a 360 degree profile, aggregating experience, skills, interests, connections etc. With these information-rich profiles, we can then match professionals to work opportunities that fit.

Q: What makes Splinter.Me different from other social recruitment platforms?

Most social recruitment platforms focus only on spreading  job opportunities on social networks, in an easily manageable way. We go in reverse: we get all the info people have on various social networks and form one complete profile that employers can use to recruit.

On top of that, we add the real-time matchmaking that will work for both professionals and employers in real-time – so no more sending and receiving applications, and selecting from hundreds and thousands of them. When a job is introduced on our platform, the employer can see a list of matching professionals instantly and the professionals receive an alert.
There are a few startups in the US that also analyze social networks and matchmaking. The difference between us and them is we allow professionals to own their profiles, others don’t (they analyze public information or paid information, and form profiles that are only available to the employers, but not to the professionals).

Q: What are Splinter.Me’s plans for the future?

We plan on launching officially in September this year. Right now we are in public beta and still have part of the functionality to develop. We are looking to raise seed funding and enhance our reach. We already have users from 60+ countries all over the world, but we need a higher volume. As for longer term plans, we aim to become an indispensable recruitment tool, revolutionizing the industry, making people’s lives easier with the power of technology.

Q: Splinter.Me is co-organizer of Hacker Tour Europe. What expectations do you have from the whole event?

We normally help employers find the right talents, but when it comes to technical talents, the market needs more of them. We want to be active in encouraging people to develop skills required by the market in the present and future. We want to help shape the next generation of workforce. Hacker Tour makes sense in this case, because it helps students get in touch with startups and discover what skills are needed and how they can land technical jobs inside startups.

Through Hacker Tour we expect to reach the brilliant technical minds of youth in Eastern Europe, help them through the events to better understand how they can have a good career and further help them through our platform to develop themselves and get the jobs they desire.

Q: What benefits will the companies have from participating in Hacker Tour Europe?

We facilitate their direct connection to the next generation of technical talents. We take companies on campuses and take care of all the logistics. Companies just need to come and talk to the students. They can then use to manage the candidate pool they form there.

Q: To close, what advice would you give to young people who start their career in this business?

To young people I would say: stay curious and experiment.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Adelina! We wish Splinter.ME team the best in their future!


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