Interview – Where Are .ME Domains Headed

Bruce Marler, the man in charge of Missouri.ME, has recently done the interview with our team. The interview provides the answers to some interesting questions about .ME development strategy, and worldwide success.

Tell us a bit about the .ME organization, who are the leaders driving this extension forward?

With the professional guidance of some experienced people from Afilias and Go Daddy, as well as fresh ideas of .ME Registry Executive Director and CEO, Predrag Lesic, and his team, .ME was set up with a special marketing message, “It’s all about YOU!”. The domain’s usability and popularity exploded.  We are constantly trying to implement something fresh and new into .ME development and strategy. Interaction with the customers is the driving force behind .ME.

Whats the feeling from the .ME team about its growth and success thus far?

In a way we feel like proud parents of a beautiful baby…

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