Jack Rickard gets .ME and electric cars

In his blog Bruce Marler writes about his conversation with Jack Rickard, the founder of Boardwatch, one of the most popular magazines in the early Internet era. Among other things, Bruce mentions that Jack uses .ME as a primary URL and provides a short overview of the powerful message sent by .ME across the Internet:

“Jack uses a dotME as his primary address. He chooses too. Keep in mind we had not spoke before tonight so for me to see an END USER choosing dotME who happens to be a very successful business man AND a technology guy from the early era of the Internet. So, kudos to him for recognizing the potential for branding of a .ME. A bit more about that, keep in mind this is a guy who has been around this little thing called the Internet for as long as anyone and was better connected than virtually anyone and he feels that dotME was the first extension to come out since .COM that had legs. He said he was sold the first time he saw it. He feels that .ME will always be more memorable than .NETs, .ORGS and others since it is so catchy and memorable, and only 2 letters. As you well know I agree, and I did not even coach him to say that, as you can imagine I was smiling the whole time. ”

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