Just.me App Updated To a Platform to Create and Share ‘Selfies’

Just.me App Updated To a Platform to Create and Share ‘Selfies’

Just.Me, the mobile social messaging app we already wrote about, today announced that it has enhanced its iOS app to reflect one of the most popular uses of the application – taking a self-portrait (known as a “selfie”) and sharing this with friends, or posting for others to see in just.me’s global Public Stream.

Keith Teare, Founder and CEO of just.me, explained the motives behind this update:

Selfies have become increasingly popular in the last twelve months and especially with just.me users, with their use currently at new heights.

Your #selfie is Just A Click Away

#selfie Feed
Just.Me App #selfie Feed

Just.Me users can now quickly post a selfie through the enhanced interface, which immediately allows a user to take a selfie, or compose a new message in the more traditional manner. just.me has also added photo filters so that users can truly make their selfie reflect who they are to the world. And Just.Me is taking selfies global by tagging each one with a hashtag (#selfie) so that all users can browse through just.me’s public feed to see selfies from just.me’s global community of more than 150 countries.

Teare commented:

Users now have a single place to post and see the best selfies from around the world. Given that users are increasingly using their mobile devices to be social – without the need to join a social network – it was a natural step for us to fully support and embrace the emergence of the selfie as a new way to communicate and message your thoughts, feelings and disposition with friends or the public. The just.me public feed already has many selfies. Now they are easy to create and discover.

More Updates in 1.2 for Tablets

Just.Me App 1.2 iPad Landscape View
Just.Me App 1.2 iPad Landscape View

In addition to supporting selfies, Just.Me has also released versions of its app for the iPad on iOS and also of its Android app optimized for use on tablets. These additions round out the just.me product offering, building on the recently announced launch on Android that also saw iOS and HTML5 updates. The just.me footprint now spreads across web, tablet, and smart phone (iOS or Android) empowering users to seamlessly communicate across these platforms in an unlimited and highly flexible fashion.

Just.Me is available for a free download. It is available in 32 languages in 155 countries!


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