Keep Up With Digital Marketing Effectively – Using Start.Me!

Keep Up With Digital Marketing Effectively – Using Start.Me!

„Knock Knock, Who’s There?  No one because your average position is a 6.7!“

If you laughed, congratulations – you know something about digital marketing. But do you know all there is to know? Really? No, neither do I. Why? Because it can be time-consuming just to follow all the updates for everything we use on a daily basis. I use to have browsers full of bookmarks for websites I follow, Pocket full of articles and numerous saved links on Facebook – waiting for some free time to go through it all.

And keeping up was all but productive! Same happens to you? Make your personal start page with Start.Me and be more productive! We’ve written about Start.Me in the past (from a personal perspective), but let’s focus on how it can make digital marketers more productive in 2016!

All The Digital Marketing News: In Bookmarks and Feeds

We already wrote about why you need to try Start.Me, but how can it come in handy if you are a digital marketer? Instead of taking a few minutes to go through all the news in digital marketing, it usually took me hours.

And with a day job, private life and some sleep, there isn’t always enough time to do all of that. With Start.Me you can organize thousands of widgets for news feed and bookmarks and view them in your page! SearchEngineWatch, SocialMediaTimes, SocialMediaExaminer and all the rest – on one page!

Widgets give you the opportunity to browse conveniently, and integrated bookmarks manager gives a nice overview of your bookmarks, and since your data it’s cloud-backed – you can access them from anywhere! RSS and news feed can be directly read from your start page, bookmarks are organized, and, of course, you can add social widgets – from Gmail to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp…

And since everything is made to be more convenient, widgets can also be modified. For example, with a widget called Twitter Gadget you can see your whole twitter feed, and Twitter Timeline widget allows you to follow a specific user(s) on Twitter, so you can put a feed of accounts you administrate, or business related accounts you follow!

Search For Ideas and Write Them Down Instantly 

But we all know one page isn’t enough if we want to stay productive! What’s with Facebook and Reddit and Youtube and Pinterest? With multiple pages, it’s easier to be focused on the work we are doing at the moment and don’t get distracted. And it’s a life saver – even though procrastination is considered useful to some people, it’s not always good. But it’s all research, so you can just put it in another page!

How many marketers does it take to change a lightbulb? „It isn’t too late to make this neon instead, is it?“  Yes, changes are constant and fast, and inspiration moves in mysterious ways when you work in digital marketing. When doing creative work, ideas sometimes come unexpectedly, and it’s crucial to write them down instantly. Just write in your Notes widget and don’t worry, it’s all private, you’re not going to be mocked, and nothing is going to be stolen from you. But the great thing is that you can copy it if necessary and share it on a different start page – even the one you share with a colleague! Or just share jokes about digital marketing as we do!

Share Resources and Knowledge

Teamwork on finding ideas for a project and putting them in one place can sometimes be a mess. Put your start page to use for sharing online research material securely with your team or present your team using Start.Me for teams. And if you are doing education you can use Start.Me for education to organize your resources in one place, create pages for specific subjects and discover new materials from other teachers!

Make your personal start page with Start.Me however fits you best to be more productive in 2016 and see how you can win a lifetime premium membership!


Morana Vrdoljak

Morana is an Internet marketing specialist and online education enthusiast, currently freelancing and writing. Her biggest interests are digital, from mobile apps to virtual reality.

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