Kiind.Me Wants To Disrupt Gift Card Market

Kiind.Me Wants To Disrupt Gift Card Market

Gift cards are just awesome. They represent a perfect gift of gratitude and good thing about them is they are often not limited time wise. However, sometimes they can go unused for one reason or another. This actually makes a lot of problems for retailers as gift cards can create black holes in books and impose serious problems. One Canadian startup called Kiind.Me has set on a journey to change this industry and to offer far better solutions both for consumers and retailers.

Digital Gift Cards You Say?

In essence, Kiind.Me is a service aimed at those who’d like to show their love and affection by sending a small gift. Until now, you could buy the gift card straight from the retailer’s website and choose to send it via mail. However, this means that gift cards are still being shipped in a form of a psychical object. They can go unused because one has lost them and the question is really, how do you make gift giving experience better?


The answer to that question might just be with Kiind.Me. After you sign-up for the service, you are prompted to a page where you can choose which gift cards you want to buy. From there, you can select people who you want to gift and in a matter of seconds they should get a mail. They will be notified that it was you who sent the gift cards. At this moment, you can choose from several different retailers such as Amazon, Gap, Rdio, Red Robin and other local stores which are supported throughout the service.

Zero Waste, Gift Campaign Platform

Once your beloved one has received their Kiind.Me digital gift card via email, he or she can use it in several different ways. First, the gift card can be sent to one’s digital valet. Using clever geo-location algorithm, their valet app will remind them if they are nearby the shop who’s gift card they’ve received. If used, you will get an email notifying you that the gift card was used.

If however, one would rather not spend the money but give it away to a charity of their choice, it can do so by checking the box in their email. You will be notified about their action and it should make you feel better knowing that your money has found it’s was to a much noble use. Thirdly, if one receives the email with your gift but forgets about it over the period of time, you will not be charged for the gift card – the service only charges per action.

If you want to try out Kiind.Me you can go ahead and sign up at their website. Make sure to follow them on social media and get ready because soon, they might come to your neighborhood and offer that 10% discount coupon from your loved one’s favorite coffee shop!


Marko Mudrinić

Marko is an undergraduate student based in Belgrade. Majoring in Journalism he's interested in digital publishing, startups and new technology. He currently writes for Balkan's leading Internet magazine Netokracija about local startups scene.

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