Lets You Reward Players of Your iPhone and Android Games with Real Rewards

What happens when a 19-year-old decides to found a web startup? In the case of Brian Wong, the founder of (domain Development programe, anyone?), you get an interesting mobile monetization service that rewards iOS and Android gamers. me is a system that helps developers offer real rewards (from brands and agencies) for virtual achievements in mobile games.

How Does Kiip Work

Kiip gives you an SDK or a software development kit which you use to plug in their features into your games. Through it you connect to their reward network with sponsors such as Sephora, Dr. Pepper, Carl’s Jr and others. As a developer, you just need to register on the website and they’ll get in touch with you.

Play a game, get a (Kiip) reward. currently reaches about 15 million players across their network. Although they have a number of current advertisers, they are always looking for new partners. If you’re a brand or agency, you can contact them as well and get your product setup as a reward in a one or a number of games.

A Gift, Not an Ad

“Advertisers” might not be the right way to describe Kiip’s reward partners. Kiip’s CEO Brian Wong and VP of Business Development Dan Silberberger say that they are trying to get people’s attention at the right moment, when they feel good about their achievement. You can find more about their vision of in their introductory video:

That milestone is in their mind as the right time to reward the player because they don’t perceive it as an ad, but something earned. If players feel good about their high score for example, why wouldn’t they find a snack or perfume interesting as an additional reward?

You should try out in your own applications… Unfortunately but understandably, their current reward partners are mostly from the US. So if you’re working in an interesting brand or agency, think about using game rewards in your next marketing campaign.

Wait, a 19-year Old Guy from Vancouver Started This?!

You heard that right. Brian Wong came to work at Digg from Vancouver and helped launch their Android app. After founding Followformation, he later co-founded, but that’s a longer and more interesting story you can discover in an interview Wong did with Digg’s founder Kevin Rose.


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