Lazar Stojković: From Fashion To Startups

Lazar Stojković: From Fashion To Startups

Considering that .ME is the most personal domain name, it comes as no surprise that there’s really a lot of .ME personal websites out there. Pair that with our devotion to giving you guys advice on all things personal website-related, you have a winning combination that is sure to make your website stand out as much as it possibly can. Today, we’re bringing you the personal website of Lazar Stojković, a product designer residing in San Francisco, USA, who is currently the lead product designer for Super.

Starting his career in Serbia, Lazar has gone a long way from organizing businesses in his home country, to now being one of the more influential product designers in the Silicon Valley. The first startup Lazar was the founder and CEO of Touché Solutions. The company produced touchscreen storefronts and Bluetooth proximity advertising solutions, and Lazar designed both of the company’s products: StreetOne which was the complete storefront-to-touchscreen solution and StreetAir, a Bluetooth proximity advertising product.

From Fashion To Startups

Lazar was the founder and CEO of Wannabe magazine and helped make it southeast Europe’s biggest fashion and lifestyle website. Since starting the website with only 15$ to his name, Lazar designed every one of the website’s products, including Wannabe Sales, Serbia’s first online flash sale store for designer labels. What makes this achievement even greater is the fact that Lazar helped make the website successful without taking any investments from venture capital firms or business angels. Truly, a self-made man. Wannabe magazine has won the award for the best website in Serbia in 2012, as well as the Fashion Web Project Award both in 2011 and 2012. Kudos to Lazar and his team for that!

After his adventures in Serbia, he moved to the USA where he studied at Berkeley before staying there after his studies as a research assistant, and working with Professor Morten Hansen, a global authority on management and collaboration. The two of them researched apps for behavior modification in the workplace to see what works and what doesn’t.

Designing Products On Multiple Continents

Lazar is currently hard at work at Super, a subscription-based service for caring and repairing your home. As the lead product designer, Lazar is helping develop the startup’s services and products to make them appeal to broad audiences, and also be able to provide better service to the customers that are as good as they can be. That includes writing code, managing the design team and making other important decisions regarding the products and their design.

The website itself is truly a work of art: a modern one-pager that is ideally suitable for the presentation of someone such as himself. After a short introduction that gives us the overall idea on who Lazar is, the site goes to show us his portfolio, just so we know he isn’t messing around. Other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward affair: with great, sleek modern design and a lot of information presented in an understandable way.

Want Social Media? Here’s Social Media!

What sets this personal website apart, asides from portraying an expert such as Lazar, is the sheer number of social media and other sites he is currently on. There’re the “usual” social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but then things get more interesting: you can find information about his profiles on Skype, YouTube, Medium, GitHub, Instagram, Foursquare, and Dribble, so there’s really no excuse if you can’t reach Lazar for any reason. And if social media isn’t really your thing, well you can use the conveniently located contact form to email Lazar with whatever inquiry you might have.

From his beginnings in his home country to the adventures overseas, Lazar Stojković really is a remarkable man, something that is shown on his personal website. Its simplicity is combined with a lot of relevant information to bring you everything you want to know about Lazar, and to contact him any way you would like if you so desire.

If you’re feeling inspired by this personal website, why don’t you make one for yourself on .ME?


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