LearnToCodeWith.ME: A Place Where Coding Is Taught with Passion

LearnToCodeWith.ME: A Place Where Coding Is Taught with Passion

Do you know what is the highest paying and the most desirable job in 2019?

US News published its ranking of 100 Best Jobs in 2019, selected according to various factors, such as work-life balance, yearly salary, the opportunity to advance, and the job’s overall demand. A position that ranked first – a software developer.

If you think about it, it’s completely understandable – the tech industry is booming and millions of people want to pursue a tech-related career. of course, to be a successful software developer you have to know how to code and have a working knowledge of computer science in general.

We’d like to tell you a story about a place that offers just that LearnToCodeWith.ME. Now, every story has a protagonist, and every successful endeavour has a courageous adventurer calling the shots. In this case, her name is Laurence.

Laurence Bradford is the mastermind behind LearnToCodeWith.ME.

Who is Laurence?

Laurence Bradford is the mastermind behind LearnToCodeWith.ME.

As a college student, she used to dream about a career in the field of economics, and when she became a part of the economic development team in a company in Thailand, she thought she had it all figured out.

Laurence wanted to chart her own learning curve and note down key experiences, challenges, and the ups and downs of a self-taught developer.

However, she soon found her enthusiasm to be short-lived. In fact, not only was she far from being excited, but she realised it was not her dream job after all. Driven by the desire to make a change in her life, she took the plunge and embarked on a journey to become a successful self-taught coding evangelist.

That’s where this story actually begins.

First Coding Steps

Lauren started thinking about switching to the tech industry, while in Bangkok. After hearing about tech workers being in-demand and how the career of a software developer is a profitable one, she started searching for websites that offered free coding lessons, advice, or tutoring. She wanted a shot at a career that could give her what she wanted – excitement, flexibility, financial stability, and the opportunity to constantly learn and improve herself.

Once she started learning to code by herself, she felt it – THE draw. She felt instantly pulled in, looking for as many resources she could put her hands on and getting engrossed in writing lines after lines of code. She knew it right there and then – she hit the jackpot.

Before long, she was back in the US looking to deepen her knowledge. However, she found that courses on Codeacademy or Team Treehouse are great if you want to get your feet wet, but they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting the gist of coding.

With so many online resources and classes, and so many different directions to take, it’s not easy to pick the right course and many struggle to find what works for them.

Laurence was no exception – she took a variety of classes, read a ton of material, tried out different things and, finally, after a lot of meandering and learning through trial and error, she thought she found her true calling. She thought she was meant to be a front-end developer!

How Did LearnToCodeWith.ME Come to Life?

The initial reason for Laurence to create LearnToCodeWith.ME was actually her desire to track her own learning curve and to note down the experiences, challenges, and the ups and downs of a self-taught developer. Soon, people started coming because they were interested to read about her journey.

LearnTocCodeWith.ME took off and became what it is today – the online learning haven for more than 75,000 techies every month.

Laurence quickly realized the potential that LearnToCodeWith.ME had – it could become the hub for people who were equally determined to learn new technical skills like she once was. It could be a place for them to interact with one another and gain valuable knowledge. A place where they could learn to code.

Moreover, when LearnToCodeWith.ME came to life, she discovered her true calling – passing her knowledge onto others so they don’t wander around as much as she did. With that realization, her once side-project took off and became what it is today – an online learning haven for more than 75,000 techies every month.

The Secret Recipe of LearnToCodeWith.ME

On LearnToCodeWith.ME, Laurence is openly sharing all of the digital skills that she acquired in her search for knowledge. She has a section dedicated to reviewing existing online learning platforms and has recently started an LTCWM podcast in which she’s interviewing various renowned experts from the tech world. It’s a perfect place to visit if you dream of a career that’ll provide you with great advancement opportunities, financial stability, flexibility, freedom, the ability to work from home or while travelling, and the chance to pursue your true passion.

We also like to think that another reason why LearnToCodeWith.ME caught on so quickly is due to its clever branding. 🙂 We are proud that Laurence chose a .ME domain for this project, and that she used it to communicate the idea behind it. She turned her domain name into a call to action, making it easy to memorise. Plus, since it contains a popular search phrase, it works wonders with SEO as well. 

Your Career Is a Journey

It’s not that easy knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life when you are in your early 20s and only at the beginning of your professional life. To be honest, it’s not easy when you are in your 40s either.

But, we have some good news – your career is not a linear path, it’s a journey. Give yourself the freedom to wander a bit, try out new things, learn something new along the way, step out of your comfort zone, and, most importantly, listen to your heart.

And to you, Laurence – kudos for being an amazing, successful and versatile young woman who does what she feels passionate about, and good luck in all of your future ventures!


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