Let’s Build Our Stories Together!

Let’s Build Our Stories Together!

We at .ME are very passionate about what we do. Everything is focused on spreading the story of our exciting company to the world. This may sound wrong, but we get offended when somebody hasn’t heard about our precious domain. However, at the same time, we are also very patient in describing why we are so special and so different, and why you should know about .ME.

With time, we realized that people recognize good ideas easily. You show them examples and they get it. I know, I know. I may sound biased because I love my company so much, but people really do embrace our story, and join our community, easily and not just by using our product but also by spreading our message further.

Share your story with us!

As a team, we are also early adopters of our community members’ products. Sometimes that can be overwhelming, but seeing our members succeed is more than worth it., Seeing great ideas come to life is something that makes this domain great, that makes this team proud and, most importantly, makes other community members proud to be a part of this beautiful family.

There are some community members that helped and are helping spread our message since the day one. I sometimes feel they are a part of our team longer than I am, and that makes me feel like our story goes back centuries, instead of being here just 8 years. Do you know how seeing somebody from the outside, someone from the other side of the world, be so passionate about your company, as passionate as you are, makes us feel? Crazy proud!

But let’s get back to the examples and the core of this idea. The best way to make people understand our uniqueness is to show our success stories – stories of our community members, people that have succeeded in using their .ME.

We love to share and highlight people and teams that have a story to tell. That’s why we would like to hear from you, to encourage you to send us your story, and help you get your message heard in the world, and in our community, with people who think alike. We have a long tradition of spreading stories about our community members, either through a blog post or a shout out on social media.

Remember, no matter how big or small you are, there is always a story worth writing about.

Share your story with us!



Natasa Djukanovic

Natasa Djukanovic is Chief Marketing Officer of .ME Registry. Her interests include domain industry development, Internet governance, and virtual brand-building. Natasa is an occasional speaker at domain conferences and she was featured in Financial Times Business Diary.

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