Link.Me: The New Connection Between Brands And Retail Customers

Link.Me: The New Connection Between Brands And Retail Customers

Often I get really impressed by just how creative and inventive people can be. Especially today, when we have a feeling that everything is somehow „used“ or not so original anymore. I really love reading books and I find publishing exciting and interesting, but lately I could not but notice the new trend of people not reading. I like buying new books and never feel sorry for spending money on them, but I’ve also noticed less and less people doing the same thing.

About nine years ago in Croatia there was a phenomenal trend under slogan: „Reading is IN again“. It was possible to buy books on newspapers stands for lower prices. People were standing in lines for hours to buy a book! Maybe it’s hard to believe but it was a truly amazing period because you were able to buy the most impressive classics and best sellers. That’s how I also got a chance to “meet“ my favorite novel.

We had a few similar attempts of getting reading back to basics, but it was never so successful as it was in the fall of 2004. Lately, I’m reading more and more how publishers are trying to save their businesses, but there are still people who care and are willing to do the best. Today, I’m very happy to write about Link.Me! The team behind it has found a unique new way how to connect brands with their retail customers. Believe it or not, it’s through QR code.

What is special about Link.Me?

Internet changed everything; even the way content is published. Therefore publishing industry didn’t really have any choice but to adapt. Link.Me found an interesting way how to improve connection between readers or potential buyers with publishers. As I mentioned earlier, QR code is a revolutionary tool in that sense. It become very useful, because by downloading the application on your smartphone, you can scan the code on back of the book cover and immediately find yourself on website with more information about that particular book or writer behind it.

Link.Me is a self-service platform that enables small independent publishers to do their job more efficient. QR code is bringing a lot of success and massive benefits in publishing industry. It’s also giving publishers direct access to their readers and attempts to build and maintain relationships with those readers through interactive content. In this way, Link.Me is giving publishers the ability to build out direct marketing database. They can target their marketing to readers based on their interests. Except the QR code, service is also offering extra features via email or SMS.

Through these tools, the startup has been building some good traction for their publishing clients. Response rates among readers have been as high as 20% of total books sales. In other words, if a book sells 300,000 copies, 60,000 of those readers are scanning QR codes or clicking through SMS. – McGregor Dey

Link.Me is definitely a unique user experience, one worth trying. Next time you find yourself buying a new book or considering it, only by scanning QR code on the back of it you will be able to get more information about the book. Using mobile tags, the service is encouraging readers to register directly with the brand. Thanks to a service like Link.Me, books are IN again!

 Article by Dora Jelakovic


Dora Jelaković

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