Looking for an Available Domain? These Apps will Help You Find One

Looking for an Available Domain? These Apps will Help You Find One

In the 21st century, we all live on the go and we’re constantly connected through our smartphones. Whether you’re waiting for the bus to arrive or you’re chilling on the sofa – you’re probably killing boredom by endlessly scrolling through your phone.

But have you ever thought about using this free time to make money or launch your career? Sounds a lot more productive, don’t you think? Well, it is definitely a smarter way to procrastinate while you’re avoiding your work (hey, we all know you’re waiting for the full hour to continue with the assignment).

According to the ComScore’s 2016 U.S. Mobile App report, the app has become the dominant form of media in our time: 58% of people spend the majority of their time on the mobile phones, which pushed the desktop engagement aside. For marketers, this is an extremely valuable piece of information as they need to ensure their content is mobile responsive and adjusted to the consumers’ behavior. For business owners, entrepreneurs, and average Joes – acknowledging this fact means becoming aware of the incredible privilege of staying connected 24/7 and taking full advantage of it.

The domain industry may seem confusing, abstract, or even uninteresting but in fact – it is worth $4 billion and it continues to grow. Whether you’re trying to buy an existing domain or you’re thinking about starting your website and potentially monetizing it, there are incredibly useful apps out there to help you.

Deep Whois

Have you heard about the WHOIS information? It is a query and response protocol that provides information about whether or not a certain domain is available, who is the domain holder, when was the domain registered and when it expires, etc. You can see the WHOIS search box on the homepage of Domain.me and try typing any domain name you want. If it is already registered, you will see the public info about it. If it is available – you’re free to register it!

According to the comScore’s 2016 U.S. Mobile App report, the app has become the dominant form of media in our time: 58% of people spend the majority of their time on the mobile phones.

As we already mentioned, smartphones support our lives on the go and that’s where the Deep Whois app steps in. It has a really cool black and green interface (Matrix lovers, brace yourself!) and it is very user-friendly. Designed for iPhones and iPads, it’s probably the best app out there that allows you to lookup all the WHOIS databases. This means that you can find information about ownership and domain status just by typing in the domain name – in matter of seconds!

Here’s a few things you can expect from Deep Whois:

  • It supports all the domain zones which means it has a comprehensive global database
  • There are no complex options and server selections you have to bother with
  • It grabs WHOIS records from the referrals
  • It has a result history feature for all lookups
  • It has automatic selection of WHOIS servers
  • It’s fast and helps you test and verify server and IP information

Deep Whois comes really handy if you want to regularly check up on your domain (in case you’re already a domain holder) and its status codes. It’s also a lifesaver in case your network gets attacked so you can identify the attacker.

At last, we all know good ideas happen in the most unexpected moments: imagine walking down the street and coming up with a perfect business idea? It all starts with coming up with a good name and building your presence online: type in the name with Deep Whois and see if it’s free for registration! If you choose to register with .me, you can take advantage of great branding options, make your online venture more personal and give it authenticity.



Dot-o-mator is an iOS app which serves as a domain name generator and a lookup tool. It helps you come up with the perfect name for your website. Its major flaw though is the fact it only operates with .com, .net, and .org TLDs. However, you can still use it to come up with your domain name and choose a different extension if you like. In addition, if the .com, .net, and .org are taken, you can pick an alternative extension and think outside of the box. There are great benefits of using country-code top-level domains (e.g. .me, .tv) not only because of their brandability but also having in mind the SEO perks, especially if you aim at the local audience.

If the name is taken, the app will display when does the domain name expire, a link to the website, and WHOIS information. You can also create and save some of the names you like. Choosing a domain name is not an easy task, but Dot-o-mator can be a neat tool for brainstorming. You can even use it to broaden your dictionary: it has a Thesaurus tool with a “Find similar” option that provides you with a list of related words while searching for the perfect domain. The app itself is nothing revolutionary but it can come in handy.

GoDaddy Investor

Paul Nicks
The new GoDaddy Investor app was designed with the timely nature of domain bids in mind, allowing investors to register valuable pre-owned domain names, win more auctions and keep a closer eye on their bids, no matter where they are.Paul Nicks, GoDaddy's Senior Director of Aftermarket

There is a rule in the domain industry: good name can help you cash in great money. Flipping domain names is a real business today and we’re talking about millions of dollars. In 2010, insurance.com was sold for the highest price in history: $35.6 million! This is why many choose to get into the domain investing.

GoDaddy has the world’s largest domain name aftermarket and it launched a mobile app for domain investors in 2016, available for both iOS and Android users. Having in mind bidding is highly competitive and always about who is the fastest – having access from the mobile device is certainly a plus. With GoDaddy Investor, you can:

  • Monitor auctions as they happen
  • Place your bid on the domain and see if you’re the highest bidder
  • Track auctions via the watchlist
  • Approve your bids with your fingerprint
  • Get a notification about the auction ending

GoDaddy also shared some great insights for beginners in the domain investment world. Here’s an overview for you:

  • Focus on a particular niche
  • Aim at names that offer real value
  • See if the name is free to register
  • Check if your selected domain has market potential (you can try using namebio.com)
  • Choose a brand you trust when you’re ready to sell



There are many aftermarket domain auction services: along with GoDaddy Investor, NameJet is definitely among the top ones if you take in mind the number of domains they auction and the amazingly high figures involved. They’ve launched a free bidding iOS app in 2014, ensuring a lot more convenience for the users. It has an easy-to-use interface and helps you manage your bids effectively. Here are the app features:

  • Great account control
  • A comprehensive list of current auctions
  • An option to join the bidding game last minute
  • Push notifications that remind you when the auction closes soon
  • Customer service

The minimum price for the domain in the bidding is $69 but during the auction the values go up to six figures! If you glance over the past years, you will see .me also had great domain sales: buy.me was sold for €115.000 in 2013, while meet.me reached the figure of $450.000!

Matt OvermanWe have a fantastic list of exclusive registrar partners that provide the bulk of the inventory that’s sold on the NameJet […] We have typically around 10.000 auctions per month.Matt Overman, former General Manager at NameJet

Ever thought about reselling? Maybe the next .me domain name can make you a millionaire? Check the availability!

There aren’t many apps for domainers out there, compared to other industries. However, it is convenient to have these on your phone. Domain investors know time is money and those who want to build their businesses are familiar with the highly competitive market.

It all starts with the right name: it tells your audience and future clients about the nature of your business, it can become a trademark for your startup, it reveals your general approach and mindset. The power of a name is an undeniable one and creative ideas can come to you in the most unusual times: why wouldn’t you embrace the technology that’s out there and rely on your smartphone? In any case, we at .me will be happy to support the growth of your business!


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