Lukas Müller: Electrical Engineer Student Who Loves AI

Lukas Müller: Electrical Engineer Student Who Loves AI

Do you know anyone who is an electrical engineer? Or maybe you are the one who’s into engineering? 

Without electrical engineers, we wouldn’t have any way to develop, test, and manufacture various electrical equipment that is now an integral part of our lives. As engineers handle everything – from electrical components used for personal devices and vehicles to power generation and renewable energy – their occupation is highly valued and offers many marvellous business opportunities.

That’s probably what inspired our very own MEr, Lukas Müller, to become an electrical engineer himself. 

Who is Lukas Müller?

Lukas Müller is a third-year electrical engineer student at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil. However, being a full-time student doesn’t prevent him from having a job and working on various projects he finds interesting. For this reason, he got his feet wet at different positions, including administrative assistant, marketing coordination member, and data engineer. Simply put, Lukas loves learning new things

And not only that – he fully understands the ultimate power knowledge has and wishes to transfer his passion for learning to other young people as well. That’s why he’s tried his luck as a teaching assistant and helped students fall in love with Physics and Geometry.

who is lukas muller

Being as versatile and hardworking as he is, no wonder Lukas has managed to acquire so many different skills. Besides knowing his way around HTML, C++, CSS, Node.js, and MongoDB, Lukas is familiar with Keras, PyTorch, and React as well. Currently, he’s focused on learning more about artificial intelligence and all the possibilities it may offer both now and in the future. 

Whenever he has some free time on his hands, he usually chooses to spend it with friends. Also, when not on the lookout for new projects, you’ll probably find him on Instagram, enjoying a good meme or two. Just like the rest of us.  

What is His Career Path Like so Far?

Although young and still a student, Lukas Müller has already built a quite impressive portfolio for himself.

His first job was as an administrative assistant at the Tribunal Regional Eleitoral do Rio de Janeiro. This was in 2017, when Lukas was still in high school. As soon as he enrolled in college, he became a marketing coordination member at the UFRJ. During his second year, Lukas tried his luck as a teaching assistant. His main role was to help Physics students do exercises and prepare for exams. 

In 2019, Lukas became a scientific researcher at the UFRJ – Laboratório de Sistemas de Potência. There, he gained some much-needed practice when it comes to GUI development, C/C++, and Delphi software. This experience has helped him start working in the Laboratório de Processamento de Sinais, on a project that aims to help more accurately diagnose tuberculosis. 

what is a career path of electrical engineer look like

Currently, Lukas is a project and marketing member of Capítulo Estudantil PELS/IAS at the UFRJ. He is working on different power electronic projects, as well as web development and programming. In addition, he works as a data engineer at JGP, where he’s working on the acquisition, management, and storage of data. 

On top of this, Lukas somehow manages to find time to volunteer. At the moment, he’s volunteering as a teacher of Geometry at Pré-Vestibular Comunitário Samora Machel. Also, he is a part of the Futurus Project, which aims to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. 

What Does a Personal Website of an Electrical Engineer Look Like?

Lukas’s personal website is very minimalistic. It features only the most important information about Lukas, including his CV and contact information. It’s a one-pager, meaning that you’ll find everything about him just from taking a quick look at his homepage. Taking into account his profession, that’s really all that it takes for you to assess his knowledge, skillset, and experience. 

When creating his online persona, Lukas clearly focused on one thing – building a strong personal brand. He wanted the world to get to know him. To get to know both his professional and personal side. Basically, he wanted to stand out from all the other electrical engineers out there. And is there any better way to do so than by choosing a highly personal .ME domain name? We didn’t think so. 

what does his personal website look like

Why is it Important to Have an AwesoME Personal Website? 

No matter what is it that you do and whether you’re a photographer, designer, entrepreneur, marketer, or electrical engineer, one thing is for certain – a carefully designed personal website will open a world of possibilities for you.

First of all, regardless of whether you are into electrical engineering or not, having your own website gives you a chance to be in complete control of the content you create. All other websites and social media come with numerous limitations which can prevent you from sharing everything you want. Not to mention the possibility of the service shutting down, resulting in you losing all your carefully created content. Having a website of your own is the only chance to have full control of your virtual persona. To be in charge of your online presence and own your personal brand. 

Moreover, a personal website gives you the opportunity to show the world exactly how unique you are. It is your chance to wow everybody who stumbles upon your online persona. To show them just how many amazing things you can do. It’s your chance to shine. So, make sure you use it wisely.  

Parting words on personal website

Parting Words

Being at the beginning of your career might seem scary at first, but it’s in fact prime time to build your brand from scratch. You are in for an exciting ride, just remember to focus on gaining experience.

Just like Lukas Müller did.

Congratulations, Lukas, keep on doing what you do best! Oh, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for your electrical engineer studies!


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