Master the Art of Simplicity with LiveSimply.ME

Master the Art of Simplicity with LiveSimply.ME

First things first – if you want to be taken seriously as a wellness blogger and, later on, an entrepreneur running their own business, you have to practice what you preach. This is especially true in a world where green is the new black, where the term diet is no longer about what you eat but about how you live, and where #mybodyisatemple is a mantra millions live by.

Kristin, the lady behind LiveSimply.ME is a prime example of a person who truly walks her talk, so it’s no wonder that her blog and her business both took off so swiftly.

Let’s see how it all started.  

How did Live Simply come to life?

Long before LiveSimply.ME was even in its “work in progress” phase, Kristin made a life-changing decision – to start eating healthy. She and her husband decided that it was high time to say goodbye to ready-made meals and fast, processed, and pre-packed food, and say hello to home-cooked meals and nutrient-dense food.

However, the thing with home-cooked meals is that, in order to really stick to eating healthy, you have to plan your meals in advance. Let’s face it – if you come home and there are no groceries in the fridge nor a delicious meal waiting for you in the oven, the chances are you’ll end up reaching for a quick snack, that jar of cookies you keep hidden on the highest shelf, or your all-time-favorite frozen pepperoni pizza to satisfy your cravings.

Meal planning is a surefire way to stay committed to your special diet – it puts you in charge of what you eat, and not the other way around.

It didn’t take long for Kristin to realize that, besides mastering her cooking skills, she also had to tackle the process of planning meals in advance. Once you have your menus set out ahead of time, you’ll never face an empty fridge – or the dreaded “no idea what to prepare, so I’ll just order a take out instead” situation – ever again. When you have a plan, there are no more excuses and no more temptations.

Once she got her second child, Kristin decided it’s time to share her knowledge and passion about healthy food preparation, meal planning, and her family lifestyle that centers around real food, all natural products, and simplified approach to food preparation. That’s how she started her biggest project so far – Live Simply.

How did blogging become Kristin’s full-time job?

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Kristin saw Live Simply as an excellent opportunity to connect with other families, moms, and parents who wanted to make a change towards a healthier and simpler lifestyle.

Kristin saw Live Simply as an excellent opportunity to connect with other families, moms, and parents who wanted to make a change towards a healthier and simpler lifestyle. Besides real food, she also stepped into the world of home-made cleaners and natural makeup. Not only did she manage to reach out and connect with others, but was also having more and more families turning to her and seeking guidance on natural wellness and real food making.

That prompted her to start writing books such as Real Food Planning Challenge, DIY Natural Cleaning Challenge, Natural Body Care Simplified, and Simplified School Lunch Kit, as well as her two free ebooks, The Real Food Crash Course and DIY Natural Cleaning Crash Course. Her books hit the spot and resonated with many of her readers, and she managed to help more than 30,000 families on their journey to natural food and wellness.

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In time, her blog is turned into a full-time business. Apart from writing books, Kristin was running a podcast and working as a part-time food photographer. Due to her busy schedule, she had to learn how to simplify life. To be able to spend more time with her husband and her kids, she embraced a minimalist approach to life and learned to simplify everything she does, including food preparation and strategic meal planning. She learned how to enjoy life. Now she shares that wisdom on her blog, so her readers and followers can join in and embrace the advice she gives. And you know what – it’s working!

How your online home

With so many bloggers and businesses taking over the online world, you have to discover something that will help you stand out and become recognizable. You have to find a way to leave a unique digital footprint and create your own personal brand.

When creating your online presence, focus on the story you want to convey – the story about the real you and everything you stand for.

And what better way to do so than by choosing a highly personalized domain name, such as .ME domain? Showing the world your true self is what is appreciated the most in today’s market. When you’re building a business and brand from scratch, it’s important to give it a name that will reflect what it is about and what you, as the person behind it, stand for. LiveSimply.ME describes the true nature of both the business and the person in charge – ways to achieve simplicity and fulfilment in life.

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That is why we are incredibly proud that Kristin decided to build the online home of her business on a .ME domain.

Parting words

If you want your business to succeed, you’ll need a bit of courage, determination, transparency, honesty, passion, and love. And an awesoME brand name certainly can’t hurt!

We are wishing Kirstin the best of luck with her work, and if you decide to build your online home on a .ME domain, please let us know – we love to celebrate your successes!


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