Visiting the 6th Annual International Music Festival Conference (IMFCON)

Visiting the 6th Annual International Music Festival Conference (IMFCON)

The .ME team was at the 6th annual International Music Festival Conference / International Film Festival Conference in Austin, Texas.

We were invited to participate as one of the major themes of this year’s show was the focus on how festivals are expanding their audiences and engaging community in a more meaningful way throughout the year both socially and digitally.

Festivals can be very emotional experiences. You encounter transformative art, make new friends and are inspired to in turn do or create something equally moving. It makes sense as an event organizer to harness the emotions of that experience and channel them year-round in the form of online communities.  The best way to do this is to make the online experience just as personal as the live experience.

Since .ME is the best and most personal tool for creating communities online while retaining all of your most important data we jumped at the chance to go to Austin to meet with the music and film community to help them find solutions to make their online presence more personal.

Chip Conley was one of the speakers at IMFCON .ME team attended.

IMFCON was founded in 2009, as a place for music executives and festival planners of events like Coachella and Glastonbury to gather together to learn about the latest technology and discover how to make their events even bigger and more exciting.

The .ME team spends a lot of time on the road teaching companies, bloggers and individual end users how to use .ME domains to help create communities of users and to personalize the experience of visiting your website. Our job at IMFCON was to help educate events communities on how using a personalized .ME domain name for their attendee facing and social portals creates an instant community with a built in call to action.

After days of fantastic panels, and talks about all the ways that attendees experience festivals our biggest take away is that the ways that people experience and participate in community both off line and on is evolving and that a natural shift towards a more personalized experience is occurring.


Kelly Hardy

Kelly Hardy is the Business Development and Registrar Relations consultant for .ME in North America. A domain industry veteran based in Los Angeles, you will find Kelly at all of the .ME U.S. domain and tech events. Kelly holds a degree in comic books, has a background in music journalism and is a self-described adventuress. Kelly is passionate about personal branding online and like a mad scientist is always experimenting with new ways to use .ME domains.

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