.ME Premium Domains Available for Registration from March 4th

.ME Premium Domains Available for Registration from March 4th

All .ME domains are cool, but some .ME domains are cooler than others. And our coolest domains – .ME premium names – will become available on March 4th at 16.00 UTC.

Roughly 2,800 premium domains will be made directly available for registration to every business and individual around the globe through your favorite .ME registrar on a first come, first served basis.

“Previously, .ME premium domains could be registered via auctions, our Premium Domain Program, and, most recently, through Afternic at “buy-now” prices. Making them directly accessible to millions of entrepreneurs, startups and individuals is the ultimate step in releasing our best .ME domains into the wild. dotME has always been and it will always be about YOU!” said Predrag Lešić, CEO of domain.me.

ME Premium Domains Available for Registration from March

Which .ME premium domains will be made available via the registrar channel?

There is a wide range of options and categories, but the most attractive include:

  • One-character and two-character domains: X.ME Z.ME 8.ME, VR.ME, TV.ME and 4G.ME.
  • Call-to-action domains such as English verb and .ME extension: Carry.ME, Improve.ME, Promote.ME, Refresh.ME and Include.ME.
  • Business, industry and entertainment keywords like: Hosting.ME, Games.ME, Homes.ME, Credit.ME, Casino.ME, and Cartoon.ME.
  • Short domains and abbreviations: POS.ME, Ins.ME and Are.ME.
  • Non-English domains like Casa.ME, Empleo.ME, Invita.ME, Exito.ME, Podsjeti.ME and Sans.ME.And many more!

To download the complete list of .ME premium domains please click here.



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