Croatia’s Mediatoolkit on TechCrunch Disrupt in New York

Croatia’s Mediatoolkit on TechCrunch Disrupt in New York

Do you remember last year’s winner of WebUp competition which was sponsored by Domain.Me? Croatian startup Mediatoolkit secured the trip to this year’s TechCrunch Distrupt which was held in New York for an exclusive opportunity to present their project at the Startup Alley.

Developed by Croatia’s digital agency iStudio, Mediatoolkit is a tool designed to monitor popular content on social networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter. The whole project gained a lot of attraction since it first launched, and their key feature called real-time press clipping  is definitely something worth noticing.

Also notable is their in-depth analysis of content which help many to better understand what they are actually sharing and liking. Ability to monitor popular branded content in real-time allowed media to keep an eye on competition, and helped set aside Mediatoolkit as one of the best solutions out there when it comes to monitoring activity on different social networks.

Before the team consisted of Daniel Ackerman, Ivor Bihar and Tomislav Grubisic left for New York, we managed to catch the them and ask them a few questions relating their presentation at TechCrunsh Disrupt.

What are your expectations from TechCrunsh Disrupt?

TechCrunch Disrupt is such an awesome conference. This year’s lecturers are really great and they’ll come from all over the world. We will have a floor stand through which we’ll try to reach a huge number of contacts. We hope to sell an X number of Mediatoolkit licences plus find a reseller partners for certain markets which is really important for us. The conference is a unique guideline for all the latest and greatest trends.  

How did the preparations went?

For the last three months we have been preparing our product for this conference. We just updated the algorithm as well as user interface which will further distinguish Mediatoolkit from the competition. Our main goal is to get as much people as possible to try Mediatoolkit because the numbers have shown that many of those who try eventually end’s up buying the licence.

Considering that New York is mecca for media companies, are you planing anything else?

New York is not just media, but also marketing mecca. We’ve already set up more than 10 meetings aside from conference in which we’ll try to talk to as much people as we can about Mediatoolkit, as well as our other products such as Socialpuzzle.

To help Mediatoolkit win the ongoing competition, you can vote here. Would you use this service and what are your overall thoughts about it? Leave your comment down below!


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