Meet Chioma – A Speaker Who Loves Her Community

Meet Chioma – A Speaker Who Loves Her Community

The road to success is rarely smooth. Successful people really had struggles to overcome and lessons to learn.

Some people, like the .MEr we are happy to present to you today, make it their mission to teach and inspire others. Chioma Agbahiwe is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and certified skin care formulator. She can inject people with a positive attitude, proactive thinking, and actionable inspiration. Most importantly, she encourages people to become their better selves.

So let us tell you more about her.

About Chioma

About Chioma

As per her own words, Chioma manages to transform the individuals she talks to and works with. Chioma knows how to achieve effective leadership. No surprise there! She’s been the fulcrum of many successful companies over the last 10 years. Furthermore, she knows how to transfer her knowledge and tangible experience onto others.

The true value of her work lies in her ability to help people reach their full potential.

When you want to lead, you have to listen – this is one of her main mantras. Active listening is definitely key. Only when you hear and understand others can you truly inspire and empower them.

The First Steps For An Entrepreneur

First steps for an entrepreneur

As a Los Angeles native, Chioma attended California State University at Northridge. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American Studies.

She has a Certificate for Grant Writing and Administration. This program taught her how to write successful proposals and how to work with grants. The knowledge she gained there helped her become what she is today.

Chioma’s also has a certificate from Los Angeles African American Women’s Public Policy Institute (LAAAWPPI). LAAAWPPI is a 10-week educational institute. They prepare women for leadership in the public policy, civic and political arenas. And they provide professional development through educational programs, seminars, workshops and personal networking strategies and opportunities.

Great Speakers Don’t Just Talk The Talk. They Walk The Walk

An entrepreneur has to walk the walk

Chioma is an experienced business leader, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She’s more than a decade of experience implementing strategic business processes and solutions. She mainly did this work for organizations in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. But not only that. Chioma has also developed and managed business operations for teams of all shapes and sizes.

“An experienced business leader, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.”

She’s the president of the Lillian Mobley Multipurpose Center. This is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build bridges for a better tomorrow. Their focus is advocating for and providing resources to the underprivileged population of South Los Angeles and its contiguous areas.

She founded Chioma Agbahiwe Consulting, a Business Development Consulting Firm which has been active from November 2010 to September 2017.

The Amadia Group helps people implement their ideas and small business owners grow their business.

She is also the founder of The Amadia Group, a business and leadership development training company that helps people implement their ideas. The goal of The Amadia Group is to help small business owners grow their business by improving or changing their operating processes.

An Entrepreneur Giving Back To The Community

Chioma - an entrepreneur giving back to the community

Chioma has also founded the Watts Towers Community Action Council. There, she works as a liaison between the campus and the government to advocate for the needs of the campus.

Chioma has been employed as a Community Liaison for “Black Community Health Task Force” since 2009. There, she works to ensure the well-being of the residences in South Los Angeles.

Chioma does a lot of volunteering. She sees this type of work as an inevitable part of becoming an all-around person and entrepreneur who appreciates others.

Chioma sees volunteering as part of becoming an all-around person and entrepreneur.

She volunteered at The National Association of Women Business Owners, whose mission is to propel women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power.

And she’s volunteered at many other places. The Citizens’ Advisory Council (CAC) and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science are just some of them. 

Chioma’s Present And The Long View

She currently sits on various charitable boards and committees. Chioma remains involved in the South Los Angeles community.

In 2021, she’s starting a skin care company to tackle hyperpigmentation. Meanwhile, she continues to inspire people around the world to become more successful leaders and – more importantly – better versions of themselves.

She often uses her personal stories and events that took place within her own family to draw parallels with the business world. This way, she wants to explain more clearly how we can all be great leaders.

You can watch her TEDx Talk here.

Chioma’s Digital Footprint

Chioma's DIgital Footprint

Chioma Agbahiwe is a member of the .ME family where she builds her personal brand. So let us take a look at her personal website.

Her website ( is minimalist, elegant, and to the point. It tells you what you need to know about Chioma without swarming you with excessive information.

The website tells you what you need to know about Chioma without swarming you with excessive information.

And while her website is minimalist, that doesn’t mean Chioma is hesitant to connect. Far from it! The links to her social media are right there at the bottom. And then there’s a contact form you can’t miss. Chioma doesn’t seem a bit reluctant to connect and engage with her followers.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts for Chioma

Great speakers don’t just teach. They inspire us to be our better selves.

Chioma Agbahiwe is definitely an example of this. She’s an entrepreneur whose passion is to inspire and transform others. We’re excited to see her succeed even more and are proud to have her in the .ME family.

Kudos, Chioma!


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