Meet Jon Acuff: Public Speaker Who’ll Inspire You

Meet Jon Acuff: Public Speaker Who’ll Inspire You

Have you ever met someone who managed to change your life? Someone whose words touched, moved, affected, or provoked you to such extent that you were willing to change some deep-rooted behavioral patterns that were only holding you back? Someone who inspired you to become a better version of yourself? One of such people is Jon Acuff – our very own .MEr, a public speaker, and author of many amazing books. 

Let’s meet him!

Who is jon acuff

Who is Jon?

Jon Acuff is an American public speaker, writer, and podcaster with a unique approach to helping people fulfil their dreams. Known for being straight-to-the-point, honest, and direct in what he says, Jon has managed to become an authority figure. It would be best to describe him as someone who knows what he is doing and why. His words have their way of hitting the right spot every time. And if you ask us, that’s where his power comes from. 

Why are we so mesmerised by Jon? Well, he gives his audience the answers. Gives them a solution to their problems and clear instructions on how to act. A reason to believe in themselves. Gives them hope that they have the strength needed to truly change their life. Makes them see themselves for what they really are – perfectly capable to fulfill anything they set their mind to. And all that enriched with some top-notch humor and witty remarks sure to cause more than a chuckle or two. 

No wonder then that Jon managed to build quite a career for himself. Today, Jon is one of the greatest public speakers and best contemporary authors focused on human psychology. Also, he has worked with some of the greatest companies around the world. What’s more, he became somewhat of a social media star, with around 700,000 followers across different social channels. When he is not busy helping others, Jon spends time with his wife and two daughters.   

what does Jon acuff do

What does Jon Acuff do?

Jon’s mission is to help others live the life they wish to live. The life that belongs to them. And he does that solely through his words. But it’s not only his books that will catch your attention. Jon uses several different channels to spread the word


As the New York Times bestselling author, Jon Acuff has written six books so far, each equally amazing. Quitter is a book that deals with the easiest way to ditch your day job so you can focus on your dream job. In it, Jon gives advice on how to make that transition based on his own experience. Start reveals how you can say goodbye to average and start doing the things that matter, whereas Do Over tells you how to do it right now. Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done gives practical instructions on how to successfully finish a goal you have in front of you. Soundtracks give us a much-needed insight on how to stop overthinking things. Stuff Christians Like is a humoristic look at all the things religious people will do in the name of faith.  


Jon knows his way around words, no matter whether they are written or spoken. In fact, he is considered an INC Magazine Top 100 Leadership speaker and, therefore, one of the most influential public speakers today. During his 13 years long career, Jon has had the opportunity to speak at many different events across the globe, both live and virtual, as well as help numerous companies and their employees. So far, he has collaborated with brands such as Microsoft, Comedy Central, FedEx, Chick-fil-A, Nissan, Walmart, Nokia, and TEDx


Making killer podcasts is another way for Jon to reach as many people as he can. His best-known podcast, All It Takes Is A Goal, focuses on techniques that can help you actually reach your goals and get from point A to point B. Apart from hearing what Jon has to say, the series offers you viewpoints of some of the most inspirational and successful people from completely different spheres of life. The podcast has received wonderful reviews and it’s currently available on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts. 


Another thing Jon Acuff is famous for is his step-by-step course called Finish Your Goals. The course is designed to give you all the answers and all the encouragement you need to finish what you started. No matter whether it is a job, a book, or a diet – the principle is the same. You will learn how to keep your motivation high, focus on the task at hand, keep your promises, and cross the finish line regardless of the goal you have in front of you. 

what is digital footprint

What about Jon’s digital footprint? 

As a social media influencer, Jon is well-aware of the importance of having a strong online persona. Nowadays, online and offline worlds are almost completely merged. Creating your online brand is crucial if you want to increase your chances of being successful in what you do. However, in order to really stand out from the crowd, you need a secret ingredient. You. You need to show the world that awesoME personality you have. Jon did it by creating a memorable personal website with the help of the most personal domain in the world – .ME domain. What a great way to show the world who you truly are! 

Besides the kick-ass domain name, Jon’s site is as unique as he himself is. It has a beautiful design, seamless navigation, and easy-to-spot categories. It’s a place that has everything you ever wanted to know about Jon, work-wise of course. What’s more, Jon’s own remarks and funny comments only add to the website’s authenticity and make us want to find out more about him.

about jon acuff

Parting words

No matter where you are at in your life, personally or professionally, hearing somebody else’s experience can inspire you to go even further. To raise the stakes. To change your entire life for the better. 

And there is nobody more inspiring than Jon Acuff.

Congratulations, Jon, keep on doing what you do best! 


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