Meet Kadir Inan: A Designer Who Will Inspire You

Meet Kadir Inan: A Designer Who Will Inspire You

Many designers are talented, hard-working, ambitious, knowledgeable, and determined to make a living doing something they love. 

But not so many of them have the potential to be special. To do something extraordinary. Achieve great things. To be remembered. 

Kadir Inan has that potential and we can’t wait for you to meet him.

Who is Kadir Inan?

Kadir Inan is a designer who is interested in UI, visual and web design, animation, coding, and web programming. As a member of the next-generation, multifaceted designers, Kadir wears many different hats. He truly is a jack of many trades. 

The best part?

He is outstanding at everything he does!

He currently lives in the lovely city of Cologne, Germany. There, he works part-time as a Senior Art Director at Zum Goldenen Hirschen. Kadir is working tirelessly on developing the best strategies and innovative design solutions. At the moment, he spends most of his time exploring endless possibilities of WebGL, Three.js, and Shaders. 

Kadir Inan a designer you must make a note of

His love for design has motivated him to accept various projects, which helped him gain much-needed experience. Also, he loves being a part of every stage of the design process, especially the strategic stage. Such involvement has enabled him to become a true expert in his field – a real designer who designs real products.  

When he is not trying to come up with another awesome design solution, Kadir is off exploring the world. He loves meeting new people and getting acquainted with their history and culture. There’s nothing he likes more than embracing a new challenge and stepping out of his comfort zone. Except for food – nothing can beat his love for good chow. 🙂    

How did Kadir Inan become interested in design?

Kadir Inan

Kadir Inan first expressed his interest in coding and design when he was around 13 or 14 years old. The discovery that even below-average designers can earn good money by designing websites motivated him to try and become one. So he thought to himself: “You can do that better and cheaper then them. Back then it was more of an opportunistic way to head into a market at an early age and learn a unique skillet, design & development.

Once he realized that he wants to build a career in design, he spent the first couple of years learning. His motivation was a driving force behind his efforts to gain as much knowledge as possible. 

The biggest mistake was losing sight and being way too focused on learning too many things instead of focusing on a few and perfecting those.

However, his enormous desire to learn teamed up with his overriding ambition, which led him to lose his focus.

The idea of making money quickly turned into becoming one of the best, my inner motivation was triggered and as a person who always strives to go for nothing less then the best this was a frustrating experience, especially having no real mentor or person to ask questions to. In the end, the biggest mistake was losing sight and being way too focused on learning too many things instead of focusing on a few and perfecting those.

This frustration caused Kadir to give up on design because he thought that his efforts were futile. 

Luckily, he changed his perspective and started focusing his attention on specific aspects of design. Also, he decided to channel his creative energy into selected projects, which enabled him to further perfect his design skills. This helped him develop a unique designing style and start working on projects that reflect his values. 

And that is a recipe for a successful career. 

What is his career like so far?

career as a ux/ui designer

Once Kadir’s career took off, he quickly became the talk of the town and got recognized as a future designer star. He has participated in many interesting and captivating projects and received many awards as a result.

Just some of the many covert awards he received include Site of the Day and Developer SOTD for UIX Awwwards award, Best interface and navigation for UMG Cristal Festival 2017 Digital award, Breakthrough designer of the year 2017, as well as Website of the Day, UI, UX and Innovation Awards for UIX CSS Design Awards.

Also, he had the pleasure of working with pretty awesome clients, such as OBI, uDiscover Music, WunderCompany, Universal Music Group, Dunckelfeld, Questback, Ship Sheip, and German Garment. 

And we bet this is only the beginning for him.

How important is a personal website for his career?

how important is a personal website for a designer

From Kadir’s experience, a well-thought-out and carefully designed personal website is crucial for getting new job offers. A personal website gives you a chance to increase visibility and serves as a great space to showcase your work. In addition, it allows you to be unique, original, and innovative in the way you present what you’re all about. 

And we all know that being unique is what makes a person stand out from the crowd.  

From Kadir’s experience, having a well-thought-out and carefully designed personal website is crucial for getting new job offers.

That’s why Kadir chose .ME to be his digital home. The true power of a .ME domain is that it reflects your character. It does the real you justice.

According to him, the benefits of choosing a .ME domain revolve around the fact that “it’s short, simple to communicate, sounds personal, it has no immediate association and therefore is flexible, and has a global appeal.

We can only say that it’s a real honor to have such a talented designer in our family!

To sum up

Kadir Inan is a digital creative who will leave his mark in the world of design. He is unique, charismatic, brave, talented, skilful, and diligent. And he knows how to use his past mistakes to his advantage.

His design solutions and innovative ideas are already gaining the recognition they deserve. We can only imagine what awaits him in the future.

Good luck, Kadir, and never stop being who you are!


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